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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. FreeFlow

    Ford US ESP at Cost

    Hi blwnsmoke, I tried to send a PM requesting info on the ESP but it says that you aren’t accepting PM’s. Can you help? Thanks.
  2. It is a rare sighting. Early days for Rivian. One in Rivian Blue, the other in Limestone.
  3. FreeFlow

    Priority Levels

    My KR order from 10/2021 sits at Priority Code 02 and has not been scheduled. I don't think I'll see it until the fall at the earliest.
  4. Today, I saw two Rivian's while driving in our suburban community. Nice looking trucks.
  5. FreeFlow

    X-Plan Pricing

    Thanks IA Diver.
  6. FreeFlow

    X-Plan Pricing

    NH_Bulldog, thanks for the clarification. Does X-Plan calculate off of prices in effect at time of order placement, the date when the VIN is assigned, or the date when it is invoiced to the dealer?
  7. FreeFlow

    X-Plan Pricing

    Just so I understand the X-Plan discount...it's not 4.0% off invoice, it's 0.4% off invoice (4/10th's of 1%)? Example of 4.0% $1000.00 - 4% (0.04) = $40.00 Example 0.4% $1000.00 x 0.004% = $4.00
  8. FreeFlow

    Another sketchy dealer

    Currently the X-Plan is invoice - 0.04% + $275 program fee. The dealer is suppose to show you their invoice with transparency on the actual numbers. The dealer is required to provide you with a true copy of the factory invoice showing the Partner Recognition price on the line labeled X-Plan. You should also receive a complete and signed AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement showing each item and its price. Do not sign this form if it is blank or if you do not understand how the price was calculated. All added items must be documented on this form, including negative equity on trade, and gifts. The X-Plan price is the amount shown in the box labeled "X-Plan" near the bottom of the factory invoice. The New Vehicle Purchase Program price includes advertising, finance costs, transportation, fuel charges and Ford Motor Company or Lincoln Motor Company administrative fees. The dealership may not charge extra for these items. The New Vehicle Purchase Program customer is entitled to the price in effect at the time the vehicle was invoiced. Any money refunded to the dealer by Ford Motor Company or Lincoln Motor Company for price increases occurring after the order is submitted, but before shipment to the dealer, must be refunded to the customer. I just took over an existing custom order for an F150 KR that was placed in OCT 2021. The original customer decided to bail. The dealer is using current pricing for my assumption of the order and I'm OK with that. Unfortunately, the dealer said that Ford would not give me the $1000 new order incentive since their order number was already in the Ford system. My taking the order over did not constitute a new order. I have the dealers dated order summary sheet and the GM's signature that this would be an X-plan purchase. I was told that they would not require my PIN until I did the paperwork when the truck arrived. It should be a straight forward transaction.
  9. FreeFlow

    2021 & 2022 F-150 Safety Recall

    At the very least Ford should compensate you by providing reimbursement for loss of use i.e. rental car and/or prorated payment if the vehicle is financed.
  10. FreeFlow

    22MY F150 Retail Orders

    I have an F150 KR 5.0 retail order with priority code 02. Is being scheduled for build week dependent on my dealers allocation slots?