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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. mike008

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I don't know why they would lie to me but I have identified misinformation from them before. Is there any publicly available proof I can show them? Before I call them out, I was thinking I was kind of waiting to see what the job 2 features looked like anyways. Some of the smart hitch stuff looks interesting for example. Does anyone have enough information about that stuff to make a decision? I haven't even seen how much any of it costs. If it is too expensive, may not be worth waiting for. If that were the case, then I'd call out my dealer and tell him to switch me from priority code 99. He has me at 99 just cause he thinks all 450s are job 2 but I figured I was waiting anyways.
  2. mike008

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My dealer has been telling me all 450s are job two. How do you have a 450 in production? I thought maybe it's cause mine was a Lariat Ultimate but @kevinlk said he has one of those in production.
  3. mike008

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Thanks for confirming. And it says Platinum right on the confirmation, right? Anyone get submitted with priority code 99 and get a confirmation? Just want to make sure this isn't a unique case before I raise the issue with the dealer.
  4. mike008

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Are you guys receiving confirmation emails even with Job 2 items? Does it list the job 2 items in the confirmation. My dealer said they couldn't submit the order, only save it. I am wondering if they need to submit it without job 2 items and with priority code 99 or if they are just mistaken.
  5. mike008

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Can confirm. I just got back from the dealer and they used the retail Build and Price with me and printed it out and said they'll call me when it's up.