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    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I was just looking at your post, and on your signature on the bottom, it sure didn't take long for them to schedule your 2023 that you ordered. Although, it should be scheduled early, you ordered a 2022, and it was never scheduled.
  2. blackduty

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I think that's where Ford is really screwing up. Promising more than they can deliver. Honestly, it's a bad business model. Promise less, and deliver more! If the order guide would have stated, XL, XLT are Job1. Lariat and higher trim is Job 2, It would be a much easier pill to swallow, and people wouldn't have such high expectations and hopes on it. Also, if the order guide would have been a bit more clear on things for sales and customers to understand. I saw one guy on facebook that's adamant that his KR is going to be built in January. His Salesperson, and Rep have both said to him that his KR will be built in January. Doesn't the order guide state KR is Job 2? But at the same time, there are people showing their text's stating their KR or Platinum are scheduled for the first or second week of January. Which i swear the order guide said those are J2. It's pretty bad when that's what the order guide says. But then Ford contradicts things. Or sales are giving false information. In the long run, more and more people get upset the way they are handling it. Promise less and Overproduce. Tell everyone those Lariats and higher trim are J2. Stockpile all of the components you need for those higher trim levels for the 3 months of J1. That way when you get to J2, you have a nice stash of those components, so your not building 95% trucks right away and pushing them to race tracks. Or if you run short on J1 trucks in a certain production week, maybe build some of the lower trim J2 trucks towards the end of the week. But atleast your still building a stockpile of components for that J2 roll-out. I was thru this stuff in 21, waiting on a truck i ordered. And set myself up to go thru it again on a 23. Atleast now i have the 21 for when i need it. And don't care if i have to wait a year for the 23. But i just think they are jerking to many people around, and way to much of the big promises upfront and can't live up to it, not just because of supply chain issues, but because they promise way to much. And mislead people. Promise less, produce more....
  3. blackduty

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    So what are the odds that Lariat for US customers ends up being pushed out to Job 2? I have saw some guys on facebook with a KR ordered, post a screenshot of their text from dealer, that they are scheduled for first or second week of January. I thought those were all Job 2? Makes no sense at all.
  4. So, this new order guide has me confused! So does my build sheet. So, on page 2 of the order guide, you see this: — Pro Trailer Hitch Assist (J2 availability on all trim levels within Tow Technology Package) – Feature automatically backs the truck up and aligns the conventional hitch ball to the trailer receiver. So, that's not available until J2 on all trim levels within Tow Technology Package. But, if you order a Lariat, you can get that on J1. But if i'm reading this all correctly, if you add the Ultimate package, it comes with the Tow Technology Package. So, technically that would push a Lariat with the Ultimate Package out until J2 if i'm reading that correctly? And if i have looked at this enough, i see you can't take out the Tow Technology Package from the Lariat Ultimate Package. So to me, that would mean a Lariat is J1, but a Lariat Ultimate Package is J2? It's confusing, because i've saw some guys on forums and facebook say it's J1. My build sheet for my order says Job 1 on it, with a 10 for Priority code. But i'm thinking technically, it should be a J2 since the Ultimate Package comes equipped with the Tow Technology Package. So, should my dealer really have put a 99 for Priority code? I just want to make sure they did things right on their end, not that it get's messed up in the orders, and pushed out because there's something keyed in wrong.
  5. blackduty

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    There really is no way possible for it to work out. Ford is pushing out upwards of 1,000 Super Duty's everyday. Basically, that would be another 250 employees to help out with showing the customer features on the new vehicle. At best, they could each do 4 vehicles per day. Not to mention, how many would it take to actually prep these vehicles? It's not like they fill up the tank completely full. They put only a couple gallons at best in the tanks on the assembly line. It honestly sounds like a logistical nightmare, and a pain in the backside. Sure, offering a "gold key" tour, would be nice. At John Deere, you can get a "gold key tour" with ordering a new tractor. Which usually your salesman takes you to waterloo the night before, wines you and dines you, and then you go to the factory the following day, take a nice tour, and then you get to put the key in your tractor and drive it off the assembly line. But when your spending 500,000+ that is kind of nice. I'd agree, Ford could offer something like that. But Even John Deere doesn't allow you to take the tractor home from right there. They always transport it to the dealer you purchased it from.
  6. Just out of curiousity, is anyone concerned at all about dealers that are putting priority codes from 10-19 on Limited, King Ranch, and Platinum trucks, and potentially messing up the system or losing orders? I think it's pretty clear in the order guide, that those trim levels are supposed to be at a 99 for priority code, but yet i've saw a bunch of orders where someone has ordered one of those trim levels, and the priority code is between 10-19. It stinks waiting 6+ months for one of these trucks, but i know it would really stink for some guys who ordered a Platinum, dealer put a high priority code, and then because of that, the order get's mixed up, lost, or something like that, and then when they consider reordering it, the dealer is out of allocations or something dumb happens. Could this potentially be another future disaster for Ford?
  7. I hope your correct. I ordered a 350 CC DRW, ultimate, chrome and FX4. And i was hoping it's Job 1. Dealer put a 10 for priority code. So i'm really hoping it's built early. I was worried for a little while, because i never got the email from Ford until last night. And it was ordered 10/27/22 at 17:24:51Pretty proud too, it was the first 23 super duty the dealer ordered. But i hope it doesn't show up at the dealer until late March. I don't currently drive my 21 in the winter, and i sure don't want to take it out of the shed, and then drive the new 23 home in salt. And my past experience of ordering a 21, didn't go so well. So i'm hoping this time around, it goes much better.
  8. I sure hope it's just a case of me being confused, and misinterpreting things. I guess i'm a bit concerned on it, because i see guys posting screen shots of their emails from Ford that their order has been accepted, and i haven't seen anything yet on mine. And when i look at my order summary, it was 10/27/2022 17:24:51 so it was placed relatively early. And yesterday (10/30/2022) i did go on ford's website and did the chat thing, and spoke to someone, and they confirmed they received my order, off of the order number, and sales code.
  9. blackduty

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    That will get bumped. It will be a Job 2. Dealer should have gave it a 99 for priority code. King Ranch, Platinum, Limited are all Job 2. So even though he gave you a 10, it will be job 2. I just hope that when dealers are doing this, it doesn't screw up the orders for those guys. And then they really get pushed out.
  10. blackduty

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I was at the dealer around 10:30 this morning, and i had already printed out the order guide and went thru it myself. Went to the dealer, and basically gave them my order guide, they weren't able to pull up any WBDO yet for the 23. I've had constant contact with my dealer over the past few months, and i was able to secure their first allotment, and will be the first order they put in on thursday. Along with a 10 priority code. Hopefully i get this truck this time. I ordered a 21 from this dealer on 2/28/2021, and of course, it was one of them that was sent to a race track without a chip. I found my 21 in July of 21 at a different dealer, and the one i originally ordered finally shipped out in september of 21. So the just held my deposit, and are using it now on this 23.