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  1. Our new rig. This truck is a towing beast! It pulls our 20k lb toy hauler with ease! 😎
  2. I heard from my dealer that this is the last year you can buy a diesel pick up (2024) in California, has anyone heard this or know if it's true?
  3. Oh, sorry! I forgot that part. It was in response to Bigdogg.
  4. When I picked up my F450 Lariat Ultimate a few weeks ago, my salesman said they had 6 dealerships call wanting my truck! He said once it's on the transport truck to dealer, all other dealers can see who has what for inventory. So, if you don't want to take delivery of your ordered truck, they will gladly sell it for over MSRP!
  5. It finally showed up at dealer this morning!!! After 8 months from ordering, it arrived! It still needs spray in bedliner and PDI, but I get to bring her home tomorrow! Dealer sent me this pic early this morning.
  6. Thanks! I just got off the phone with sales manager and he said it's still in Kansas City. New arrival date is 4/5 to 4/11.
  7. Can the physical location of a vehicle in shipment be located? Is this possible from someone at the dealership? It would be nice know if it's close or still a long way away.
  8. I'm getting frustrated now... my delivery date had been moved for the 3rd time! Now it says 4/2 to 4/15! This window is worse than the cable guy widow they give you! Original delivery was 3/10 to 3/16. 🤬
  9. Does anyone know the shipping time from KY to CA? Is it shipped by train or transport? Truck was shipped 3/21 according to the Ford app.
  10. Maybe this explains why my F450 has been sitting in KY since 2/7/24 build date. Its expected delivery is any day now to So Cal.
  11. My truck was built 2/7/24, I don't know why it's taking so long to be delivered?
  12. I'm going on 8 months now since order, it's been bumped twice now for expected delivery date. As of yesterday, my dealer says 3/24-3/30 for bee expected delivery date. My order is a F450 H.O 6.7 Lariat with the Ultimate Pkg for the big items.
  13. Dealer says it was built 2/8/24 and shows offsite. Ford app still shows in production. Dealer says my expected delivery date is 3/10-3/15.
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