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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. catengi

    2024 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I ordered my 2024 F-350 on July 18, the day after the order banks opened, and yesterday finally received the email that it has been scheduled for production the week of Feb 19. Fingers crossed that the production date doesn't get pushed back but at this point I'm just happy to have a VIN# and not be stuck waiting to see if it ever gets scheduled at all. F-350 King Ranch 6.7l Diesel Crew Cab, Long Bed FX4/3.55 EL Axle All weather floor mats 5th Wheel Prep Clearance Lights Spray in bedliner
  2. catengi

    Fixed 10,000 lb. GVWR Package

    The 10,000lb GVWR package is nothing but a sticker de-rate on the GVWR to get around some state's laws regarding the class of license or type of insurance you might need. Keeping it at 10,000 lbs ensures you likely won't need a CDL or that it won't get classified as a commercial vehicle in some states. It shows up in the online builder sometimes but when I ordered my 2024 F350 SRW it wasn't available to select. A few calls with Ford later and they confirmed that they've removed the 10,000lb GVWR package as of March this year. So when you actually order one it shouldn't affect anything.
  3. catengi

    2024 Super Duty Pickup Order Guide

    Did they remove the option on the F-350s to get the GVWR de-rated to 10,000 lbs on the door sticker? Ordered an F-350 King Ranch with the diesel through my local dealer earlier this week and they told me they didn't see any option for changing what the GVWR was and that it would come rated at 12,400 lbs. I'm in NC and if the GVWR of your truck+trailer is greater than 26,000 lbs you need a CDL for it. Trailer is rated at 15k lbs so not looking to get a CDL to drag around an equipment trailer with an old 2 cylinder tractor on it. Anybody know if it's still possible to get the 10k derate sticker on the 1 tons? Looking through the order guide it shows up as an option for the F-250s and only those with Lariat, KR, or Platinum trims. Edit: For anyone curious, I got in touch with the marketing department and they confirmed that Ford eliminated the 10,000lb GVWR option for the F-350s and the 9,900lb GVWR option on the F-250s in March of this year. They weren't sure why that option was taken away but they couldn't confirm if it was a permanent removal or not. But for the time being they aren't available, so keep that in mind if you were planning on ordering a 2024 super duty with a GVWR derate on it.