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Found 6 results

  1. I just got my Focus back from having the clutch replaced last night. While it was there I also had them perform an alignment on it. I'll admit I'm a very picky person when it comes to my cars, so my qualms may be nothing to you. I'll let you decide. Here's how it came back: Bottom engine cover: missing After alignment: Steering wheel off center Clock not set / Date set to 02/20/2014 Sirius had to be refreshed to get a signal Filthy / greasy paper floor mat still in car Now mind you, I know they had to disconnect the battery when doing the clutch so that explains the clock / date / Sirius. But I know at my brother's Lexus dealership they reprogram all of that for you (yes, I know Lexus is a luxury car....but does setting your clock need to be a luxury service item?). Isn't the extra 2 minutes worth it to make that extra difference to the customer? I just think if my 75-year-old mom got her car back, she would never figure out how to get Sirius working again or set the date, etc... Obviously, the missing engine cover and the steering wheel being off center is just super sloppy work. Makes you wonder how good a job they did with the clutch/trans removal reinstallation. I like to think that Ford is more of the premium domestic offering when it comes to quality and after purchase service, but literally every time I've had to get any type of service (more than an oil change/tire rotation) at a Ford dealer, it has to go back because of bad work. I've never had that issue with any other manufacturer (maybe I was just lucky?). I've switched dealers twice now because of this. Does anyone else run across this? It is seriously making me consider other manufacturers just for the service experience.
  2. Be aware -- this is long, but I need to get the whole thing out there. I'm sorry in advance for its length. This is adapted from an e-mail that I first sent to the dealership's owner and didn't receive a response. I have tried to contact a few Ford Executives, to no avail, either, and this is a further adaptation of that e-mail. The CSM at Ford says that dealerships are independently owned, obviously, so she can't do anything. Ford Credit said to call the company that does lease inspections; that company told me to call Ford. Ford said they can't evaluate anything. I called credit again and was given the same spiel about independent dealerships; I contacted Ford Service on Twitter and was told "we can only add it to the record." Well, who CAN do something in extenuating circumstances? There has to be someone, somewhere. --- I have been a customer of *** Ford (I'll wait to call out the dealership by name until later) for a little over three years since I moved back to New York in June 2013, until last month. That is where the necessity for this e-mail arises. Please forgive me for the length of this e-mail, but I feel it is necessary for me to lay out all the facts to fully-explain what has happened. After Ford Credit told me I have to speak with the dealership and Ford Service on Twitter said the same, as did my Ford CSM, the fact still remains that the dealership refuses to speak with me, and that is why I am turning to you for help. Thank you in advance for reading this complicated matter and helping me. At the time I moved back to New York, I had a 2012 Ford Fusion SEL AWD, and I had the car serviced there through the end of my lease, which was up in May 2014. I shopped around when it was time to buy my next vehicle, and I decided on *** Ford based on recommendations and a few other factors. I had to special order a 2014 Fusion Titanium AWD because I could not find one anywhere without black leather. I had to wait three months for my vehicle to arrive, and as such, I extended the lease on my 2012 as the build on my 2014 progressed. I took possession of my 2014 Fusion on July 18, 2014. However, within four weeks of delivery of the vehicle, I knew something was wrong with it, beginning with its fuel consumption. I notified my salesman, *** ***** (whom I understand left the dealership some time ago) about my concerns, and he advised me to drive the car a little longer than a month, and if the problems persisted, I could bring it in. I still have these e-mails from August 2014. Despite an obvious break-in period with a new vehicle, I knew that after driving less than 600 miles, I shouldn't need to put in 5 or 6 tanks of gas, considering that the gas mileage on the car is 22/25/31, so even at the low end, my tank should yield 385 miles, and I was getting nowhere near that. I contacted the dealership, and I was told to simply "drive it more." I first brought the car in for service in September 2014, and I have experienced nothing but headaches and troubles since then. My car was in twice in September 2014 alone. Among the initial problems were items such as extremely poor fuel mileage, and I am not saying that the mileage was a few MPGs off the EPA estimates. When I first mentioned it to Mr. ****** in August 2014, the car had 592 miles on it, and I was already on my 5th or 6th tank of gas. My 2012 Fusion was rated at 25 MPG on the highway, and I always got 26-28 MPG; prior to that, I had a 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 with nearly 200,000 miles on it, and that got better gas mileage than my 2014 Fusion gets. The dealership did verify it got 16.3 MPG in January 2015 on the highway, but this was deemed "normal" despite it being just over half of the 31 MPG rating for the car. I have taken extensive photographs of the fuel gauge and gas receipts to track this in the past two years. Numerous times, I have driven between 10 and 30 miles and used 1/4 of a tank; I do not get any more than 270-300 miles out of a 17.5-gallon tank when I should be getting 450-531 miles. This is unacceptable. I bought this car when I was promised that my fuel efficiency would increase, not be cut in half. Two of the earliest photos from when I started to track my gas consumption show this very easily and simply: It keeps giving me some gibberish about an image extension that isn't proper grammar, so here is the link to my album with most of my pictures, though it's not fully updated. Please refer to these when I note the mileage for my descriptions: https://goo.gl/photos/TsLN55k6o57sEpa3A August 18, 2014 592.6 September 4, 2014 768.8 Despite the computer registering 21 MPG, I drove a mere 176 miles and used 3/4 of a tank of gas or 13.125 gallons; at 21 MPG, the most I should have used was just over 8 gallons of gas. This was also all highway driving, so I will not even get in to those semantics. Over time, the gas mileage became even worse. The dealer once recorded getting no more than 16 MPG as I mentioned, I would routinely get 13 MPG, or I've even driven as little as 10 miles and used 1/4 of a tank. Here, I drove 20 miles and used more than 1/8 of a tank, and then in a total of 31 miles, I used more than 1/4 of a tank: 1582.8; 1602.3; 1613.8 The computer on the car has constantly registered nothing near 20 MPG, and if you do the math, you will see it is even lower (please remember that gas was nearly, if not over, $4 a gallon at this time, so I wasn't necessarily filling the tank). That is 164 miles and 3/4 of a tank used; your eyes are not tricking you: 3322.8; 3384.5; 3387.6...through 3486.3. Other issues have included (but are not limited to these): Although the navigation navigates in miles, everything else on it is as if it is in England. Traffic incidents are in km, the terms are British terms such as "exit slip ramp" and "broken down lorry." I have brought the car in to have this reprogrammed three times, twice overnight, and it has not been rectified. The car rumbles heavily should I turn on the a/c system or the rear defroster. I was also told this is "normal" but in 18 years of driving, I have never driven another car that has done this. One day, the trunk popped open when I pulled out of a parking space. I pulled over to close it, and the car shook so violently, I had to clamp down on the steering wheel to hold it steady. It was almost starting to smoke, so I turned it off. I waited 20 minutes and tried to turn it back on, but the engine would not turn over. I nearly flooded the engine via push-button start to force it, and I was luckily in Port Chester (down the road from the dealership) and drove it down the road at 20MPH while it was still shaking. I left it at the dealership and said that it had to be looked at first thing in the morning. I was told there was nothing wrong with it. The front windshield fogging up and not being able to clear it no matter what I do -- windshield wipers, defroster, anything. It can be 70 degrees and sunny or 30 degrees. It is not weather related. This is not mild fog, either. Note that it was 65 degrees. The transmission has been jumping and bucking for nearly a year, but every time I mention it, I am told it is "normal" yet again. I am 99% certain it is not normal for a transmission to drop when accelerating on a highway or when entering one or for a car to go nowhere when depressing a gas pedal after going from reverse to drive. It's also not normal for the transmission to slam between gears when either accelerating or decelerating normally, when my foot isn't even on the gas pedal, and have my head bang into the headrest. I have had the car suddenly rev up to 4,000 RPMs while decelerating and get stuck there while starting to shake, and my foot was on the brake pedal, not the gas. The car then got stuck at 4,000 RPMs. The car is continually at 2,000 RPMs when in park and not moving. I have mentioned heavy idling several times as well. The car audibly makes noise when idling, and a car with less than 24,000 miles shouldn't do that, but then again, when I mentioned it back at 3,000 miles it probably should not have done that either. I can no longer make it up hills, small hills, but the service department doesn't seem to think this is an issue. I had the car serviced for a broken strut, which broke at about 21,000 miles, but I was told I needed to wait for a loaner, and I was hearing the noise earlier, but I was in the process of moving. Either way, a strut SHOULD NOT break anywhere near this early, if it breaks. The broken strut is also the reason for this e-mail/complaint now. Please see below. The amount of times that I have needed to bring the car in for service far exceeds what is reasonable for a new car: Purchased July 18, 2014 September 4, 2014 September 12, 2014 November 29, 2014 January 2, 2015 January 5, 2015 January 19-20, 2015 January 29-30, 2015 February 18, 2015 June 18-19, 2015 July 13, 2015 August 13, 2015 I know there must be some missing here, because I did not go six months without service. February 2-3, 2016 March 16, 2016 July 21 - 28, 2016 The car has only 24,450 miles on it as of today, August 17, 2016. I was informed by my building that there is a limit to the number of guest/overnight passes we are allowed in a year, and I only have one remaining. I have not had anyone stay overnight, and I have used my allotment entirely on loaner/rental cars because of my car being out of service. That is ridiculous. Should I have to bring my car in overnight one more time, I will have to use my last one for the entire year, I don't know where I am supposed to park a loaner, because they will boot and/or tow a car without a permit, and White Plains does not allow on-street overnight parking. Either way, this is a major inconvenience to me, because I am unable to have guests at my own apartment because of issues with my car. I queried *** Ford about terminating my lease due to all my issues, and I went to the sales area with a letter I received from Ford Credit. The letter very clearly stated that I could pay either the amount of my remaining payments (11 payments times $347.89 a month -- note that I just made another payment, so it is now 10 payments) or the payments plus my residual value to purchase the car. Another thing the document stated was that the dealer and I could stipulate to a Fair Market Value (FMV) and agree upon that. If the agreed upon FMV was less than the buyout price of the remaining payments plus the residual, I would be responsible for the difference. The problem is that *** Ford offered me a measly $17,000 for my car. How can my car be worth $3,400 less now what it is supposed to be worth in one year? I also honestly think the $17,000 value is incredibly low and honestly an insult. I also believe that no one should try to make money on this car, and it needs to just go back to Ford. I have looked for comparable vehicles, and there are almost no vehicles nationwide with my color leather. Finding one with the same features and that leather is impossible as well. The comparable vehicles I found were along the lines of these, but *** Ford simply did not care (I can provide the links to them if necessary): a Fusion with nearly three times the mileage of mine, no navigation, no blind spot system, and no sunroof. It already had two owners as well, and it was selling for just about $18,000. One with less mileage, blind spot, navigation, and park assist but no sunroof -- $24,788. One in a lower-priced market, no additional options from a base Titanium except for wheels (original MSRP was $3,000 less than mine). 4,000 more miles than my car, but priced at $22,888. A Fusion with 75,000 miles, 50,000 more miles than mine and absolutely no options above the base Titanium trim for $17,586 in Ohio. My car is still under warranty, too. A Fusion located in Pottstown, PA with black interior and the same options except for a heated steering wheel with similar mileage selling for $22,994. A base Titanium Fusion with 75,000 miles selling for $16,000. A base Titanium in rural Western Massachusetts with 34,300+ miles for $22,000. Local SEs with no options selling for $16,000 and $17,000 locally. An SE with double the mileage for $20,000 and a 2013 with more than double the mileage for $20,000 locally. An SE with no options locally $18,999. A base Titanium with 25,500 miles for $22,000 locally. One with more than 50,000 miles in Boston for $23,995. There were also several more for $23,000 and $24,900. One without a blindspot system and double the mileage for $22,900; one with 32,000 miles for $23,782. As you can see, the vehicles that I found were all priced significantly higher than $17,000. I fully understand that dealerships are businesses and they are looking to make money, but I also wish that all parties involved would recognize that my situation is one of extenuating circumstances for a car plagued with problems. The dealership told me that Ford Corporate is in charge of lease terminations, while the Ford CSM told me the dealership is the one to handle it. The contact at the dealership, ***** *******, told me that he was calling Ford Credit/Corporate, but as it turns out, I was told that he never called anyone. He even made a photocopy of an e-mail I was sent by a prior CSM last year stating that I could get out of my lease, but then the CSM changed his mind two days later. Again, this has been a game of cat and mouse played with me over time with this car. The point is that I really don't see how $17,000 is the number if all these other Titaniums are selling at such a significant premium to that and much closer to my buy-out amount, if not over. Again, there are so many cars that have less features and as much as 3x the mileage, if not more than that, which are at least $20,000. Even a 2013 was $20,000. SEs are selling for $19,000+, so how can my car only be worth $17,000? I honestly don't see what the problem is/was for the dealership in stipulating to an agreed upon FMV as it is a matter of paperwork and no more. Then, the car goes back to Ford, and the matter is finished. Then, no one has to worry about anything anymore or dealing with me. The reason why my car was in for service this time was a broken right front strut, which broke at about 21,000 miles. I was told I needed to wait for a loaner, and I was hearing the noise earlier, but I was in the process of moving. Either way, a strut SHOULD NOT break anywhere near this early, if it breaks. However, on top of all of this, while *** Ford had my car for a week this time for a broken strut. Aside from that, *** Ford damaged my car while it was in their possession. While the dealership acknowledges one part of the damage, they refuse to admit to one part of the damage and will not do anything about it, despite my providing them with evidence. I also believe the strut was either not repaired at all or improperly repaired. The same noise has returned (it came back just 2 days after getting my car back), and the car now also clicks when turning the wheel both ways. When I made my appointment for Thursday, July 21, 2016, I had to wait more than two weeks from the day I called in, because no loaner vehicles were available, and I needed one to get to and from work. The day I arrived, there were none available, despite being told I needed to wait until that day for one. I had to wait over an hour for the service department to coordinate with Enterprise, and by the time I got to Enterprise, got a car, and got home, it was nearly 3 hours. I was unable to go to work that day because of all of this; I work over an hour away. This is unacceptable. I called for a status update on my car at 1:30 PM, and I was told it was not yet ready. When I still had yet to hear back at 3:30 PM, I called again, and to my surprise, I was informed that my car hadn't even been brought in yet and would not be looked at that day. I ask: what was the point of a) making an appointment and b) bringing it in for service that day? I also would not be able to come back the next day, because I would have to leave work by 3:30 PM, as summer Friday traffic is especially bad. That would even further inconvenience me to come in on Saturday and change my plans for the weekend. On Friday, I was informed that, while nothing was found wrong with my transmission (surprise, surprise, though I know it has been getting worse lately), there was a broken strut. I was told the part would be ordered and should be in on Saturday, Monday at the latest. By Tuesday, no one had called me about my car. I needed some things from it, so I went to get them after work. I noticed that my car had yet to even be inspected, one of the things that it was there for, but instead, it was just baking in the sun as it had been for days; at this point I was without my car for six days, this time. As I walked around my car, to my shock, horror, and surprised, my car was damaged. I take very good care of my car, despite its issues, and I would never leave a car with any body damage, especially since it is leased, and I would be financially responsible for it. On the passenger side of the car, I noticed a gash in the outside rearview mirror, and the integrated turn signal was also damaged. Please note that this mirror was folded in, and the driver's side mirror was not. *** Ford claimed it wasn't fresh, but if this damage was old, then water and dirt would be stuck in the cracks of the turn signal; there would be haze or a moisture inside the turn signal as well, since it had rained both before my car was there and while it was there. There were no signs of any of that, as you can clearly see. This side of the car was also packed in very close to other cars on that side. (It is making the pictures of the damage very small, but if you need larger ones, please ask.) As you can see, the plastic is not cracked or missing any pieces, but it is simply "spiderwebbed." No one at Ford, Ford Credit, anywhere, can tell me if this is chargeable/beyond "normal wear and tear." I am dumbfounded as to how NO ONE can have this answer for me! This is where the issue of "legal action" came up, because the dealer is refusing to fix this and the other two items below, claiming that they did not cause it, and I am going to have to pay for it come lease-end, which is ridiculous, seeing how my car was wedged in between other cars and there for EIGHT DAYS! Again, it is very obvious that the damage was fresh. As I continued over to the driver's side of the car, I noticed a very large gash/scratch running a large length of the front wheelwell: ****As even MORE evidence that these were fresh and done at the dealership, the one above, by the wheelwell, did mostly wash away when I washed the car, but the basic marking of a scratch is still inherent. It is just not as white. So if it didn't happen at the dealership, then I'm sure it would have washed away in the heavy rain that occurred while it was there. But the dealership didn't think of that, did they? There were also other scratches by the wheel well on the passenger side. Isn't it obvious that they are fresh?: I entrusted my car with the dealership, and it was damaged while in the dealership's custody, care, and control. First, I expect much better than this. Second, if my vehicle is damaged, I, just as any other customer would expect, would presume that it would be repaired before it is returned to me. I finally received a status update on my car late on Wednesday that it would be ready early on Thursday. When I asked *** ***** what took so long, he skirted around my question. I again asked him what took so long, and he avoided it. I said that the car had been there for a week, and replacing a strut is as simple as removing the wheel, replacing the strut, and putting the wheel back on, so was there something else going on? I also noticed when I was taking things out of my car, that the odometer was only 1.5 miles higher than when I had dropped it off, so I'm not really sure how the transmission was "tested" by barely driving it around the block. This has, sadly, continually been my service experience with *** Ford. When I returned late on Thursday afternoon, I expected my car to be fixed. It was not. The body was still damaged. I expected maybe it would be washed after it was subjected to the elements for so long, and I was inconvenienced. It was filthy. I pointed the damage out to ******, the service manager, and he took pictures. He tried to discourage me from taking my own pictures, and I'm sorry, but I need to protect myself, especially after all the runaround I've been given (and that is in addition to what I have put in this e-mail). ****** said he would call me in the morning. When I got into the car, to my chagrin, I saw EVEN MORE damage. If this is the way that *** Ford does business and returns cars to customers, everyone at the dealership really should be ashamed of themselves. I did not point this out earlier because I did not notice it until I sat in the car. I tried to point it out to ****** or someone else in the service department, but they had left immediately after looking at my car, I presume, because I could not find anyone. I saw dirty, filthy handprints on the side of my interior next to where the inspection sticker was placed. This is disgusting, degrading, and beyond unacceptable. This is definitely beyond "normal wear and tear" and something I would get charged for at my lease disposition. Either way, why on EARTH should I have to drive around like this? (I do apologize that the pictures were taken in a garage. I do not have the memory card with the other pictures with me, and I had to take them indoors. Please see other pictures here, since I took them with a flash and at varying angles: https://www.flickr.com/gp/130322192@N05/fvCM42.) As you can VERY clearly see, these photos were taken on the lot when I went to take things from my car just two days before, as it is dated. There are NO handprints whatsoever: (again, it's making them very tiny, but you should be able to see the dirt) Compared to: I am appalled that my car was returned to me this way. That plus the fact that I was unable to reach ****** on Friday or Saturday after I was returned my car, and the following Monday I was PROMISED that he would return my call in 20 minutes at 9:10 AM, but when he did not, I was left nothing but appalled. I'm sorry I only bought one vehicle from *** Ford, unlike others, and I'm sorry that it was only a $36,500 car and purchased with an x-plan and not as expensive as others. I'm also sorry I've brought it in upwards of 15 times for problems, but I'm a customer, too, just like everyone else. I drive this car every day, and I know it has issues. I have been through so much money wasting gas on this car, so much time wasted on service appointments, and now I have to deal with this? I had to clean the interior myself, because *** Ford refused to even speak with me for two weeks. When I finally did speak with ******, it was only because I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. After speaking with ******, however, he still refused to claim responsibility for the damage, that is where I am left now. I explained to him that I am going to have to spend well over $2,000 getting the car repaired. This is ridiculous. I am not sure why this was done to my car, but more importantly why my car was left/returned to me like this. In my opinion, this is actionable since *** Ford refuses to do anything or claim responsibility, especially combined with the fact that time and time again, I am told nothing is wrong with my car. ***** claimed that it is not *** Ford’s responsibility, but I beg to differ. The car was in *** Ford’s custody for eight days, and the dealership should be responsible. My CSM, ********* ****, said that the dealership now refuses to have any further contact with me, and I am not allowed to ever bring the vehicle in for service there again. I am beyond words for this. That is supposedly because I told ****** that my last step would have to be legal action if he was not going to be reasonable and accept responsibility, especially since I had pictures of the car so close to the other cars. Add in to all of this that the SAME NOISE that I had when my strut broke is back AGAIN, and there is a new clicking noise on the left side of my car when I am in reverse and turn the wheel to the left. But, it's not like I was able to get ahold of anyone in service and voice my concerns or that I'll be listened to, anyway, because I'll be told "that's normal" once again. I made an appointment with another dealership, but that is not until September 1, and it is only 60 miles away from my workplace – just a small inconvenience to me, no big deal. I have attempted to contact Ford Credit to see what will be chargeable at the end of my lease, and seemingly, no one can give me an answer. How is it that, at such a large company, no one knows anything? I had a very simple question based on the guidelines for normal wear and tear to see if something like the damage to the mirror or the fender would be “beyond reasonable wear and tear” and no one, absolutely no one knows. I called Ford Credit yesterday, and the person I spoke to directed me to the inspection company. The inspection company said, as I suspected, that they simply inspect the cars and report back to Ford, and I must call Ford. I called Ford AGAIN after that, and I spoke to someone who was sympathetic to my situation, but she was not in end-of-terms, and that department was closed. I was directed to call them this morning, and the person I spoke to was downright rude. The person I spoke to told me that she is “not an appraiser, and how is she supposed to know anything?” All I wanted to know if something like the damage to my mirror is chargeable. I do not want to have any surprises 10 months down the road, nor should I be responsible for something I did not do. If I am going to take action against *** Ford, it must be now. However, I should not have to go through all of this just because of the negligence of the dealership. I would be forever gracious if I could just turn in the car right now, free in clear, and walk away. That would be my best-case scenario. Is there anything anyone at all can do to help me? As you can see, I have been given the runaround in every way possible, and this has become more than my worst nightmare. I just need some help and some answers, and I am hoping that I [finally] have the right person. Thank you very much for your time reading this.
  3. I ordered a 2016 F150 Limited 4x4 and waited for 5 1/2 months for it to arrive here in Honlulu. I had been given some run around about the delivery of the truck and when it would be available for pickup. This evening at 5:17pm here in Honolulu, I picked up the keys for the truck I had been waiting so long for. When I turned it on, the truck already had 8 Engine Hours, 4 Idle Hours and 61 miles on it!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I was told that the truck was offloaded from the ship this morning and they detailed it, prepared it, inspected it and had it ready for pick up this evening for me. But the truck was dirty and had 61 miles on it! WTF?!?!?!!!! I have bough MANY new vehicles and my last F150 (purchased in July 2015) only had 2 miles on it when I purchased it. I want to take the truck back to the dealership and have them order another truck and return this one. This was such a disappointment for a vehicle which I ordered in January to have the dealership taking it out for joy rides, and who knows what else, before delivering it to me. Any suggestions? Anything that I can do about this? I paid cash for the truck so taking it back doesn't involve a bank. The Odometer Statement" was false (stating 15 miles-which was still higher than normal) but it was 61 miles! ************************************UPDATE*************************************** Not to be one to just complain and not discuss the solutions: I went to the dealership and discussed my concerns about the mileage and condition of the truck. They confirmed that the truck had been QC'd and driven 50 miles as part of the QC process. They could not produce the sticker, but I took them at their word. They also apologized for the condition of the truck, not being cleaned properly, but noted that there was a water main break nearby which shut down their water for a few hours (happens ALL of the time in Hawaii). We have scheduled a proper detailing and they have gone out of their way to make things right and apologized for not communicating very well. All has been settled.
  4. Well, this technically is automotive related, but I wasn't sure where else to put it. Two weeks ago, my better half bought a used 2012 Nissan Maxima from a local Mercedes-Benz/BMW dealership (Myrtle Beach Automotive) here in Myrtle Beach, SC. The car had several scratches, chips and paint dings, and the dealership signed an agreement to have those flaws fixed, free of charge. We took it to the first appointment for the repairs and picked it up later that day- it was raining, so we couldn't see the paint very well. However, the next day, we got a better look at the paint, and come to find out, they hadn't touched a single scratch, and had only gotten some touch-up paint and filled in a few chips here and there. It wasn't even a decent touch-up job; it looked like my 5-year-old niece got a hold of it with black nail polish- the major ones and the small rock chips on the front. Completely unacceptable. So, we contacted the salesman, who claimed there was nothing more they could do, but agreed to let us bring it back in. Well, some of the scratches were fixed this time, and fixed well. However, the major paint chips weren't touched from the first time. Upon realizing this, we contacted the general manager of the dealership about the issue, who simply replied that he is satisfied with the job done and that the dealership upheld their obligation. We're now considering going to small claims court to get this resolved. I have attached photos of exactly what the contract to fix the paint said, and also the major imperfection that is most prominent (the picture isn't great- sorry about the reflections- but it's circled in red). It's about an inch and a half long, and is on the rear passenger-side door. Even with the touch-up, it's visible from a mile away. What do you all think should be the next step? We've never dealt with anything like this before, so any pointers would be appreciated.
  5. Getting ready to take delivery of my MKZ and dealership is offering paint sealant? Is this a scam? Did anyone else get this option???
  6. While we are discussing Lincoln topics: An article in today's Houston Chronicle notes that Group 1 Automotive is moving their southwest Houston Lexus dealership across the freeway into their recently purchased, larger Southwest Lincoln facility. Group 1's nearby Buick/GMC/Cadillac dealership is moving to the Lexus facility. There is no mention of the Lincoln dealership moving to the Buick (or any other) facility. In fact the article mentions that the Lincoln store employees have been offered jobs in other Group 1 stores. As someone rooting for Lincoln's revival, this is somewhat disconcerting news. I considered the Southwest Lincoln dealership to be a 'flagship' (at least facility-wise) with respect to Lincoln's new, tougher standards. The facility is very, very nice. Apparently Group 1 agreed. And it wasn't as if the location was demographically challenged; the facility is in an affluent, growing part of town. By my count, that means the number of Houston metro Lincoln stores is down from seven to four. Unfortunately two of the three which have closed are the two closest to me. http://www.chron.com/business/article/Southwest-Lincoln-to-close-and-become-Sterling-3802377.php PS I just checked Southwest's online inventory. They are down to just a handful of cars.
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