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Well the announcement came down today 6/2/10 from Mark Fields - no more Mercury Division. Congradulations Ford, you have managed to kill off a great automobile due to lack of upgrades, no imagination, weak advertising, and a lack of understanding your own customers. This is no reflection on the crew at STAP - they have done an excellent job for years with no corporate support for improvements. Best of luck fellows, I hope you will find something soon. As for me, I know where a full size rear-drive sedan still exists - it's called the Chrysler 300C. Ford has just lost another customer - time to sell the Mercury GM. Fantastic car, the best I've ever owned.

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I just don't get it. They OWN the RWD sedan market. The 300 is simply not what a lot of buyers want. They have the best platform, the most loyal buyers and they axe it.


Kudos to the STAP team. I'm on my third Marquis. Looks like I'm going to have to take extra special care of this one. Maybe even start restoring the 1992. Damn shame because not a single manufacturer now has a body on frame car.


How much is this move gonna cost taxpayers now that the police vehicle purchases and maintenance are gonna cost a pile more? The Vics have a proud heritage of making fleet service simple and inexpensive.

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