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Mustang 2014 Leather Color Stone


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I just order new 2014 Mustang


My choice interior leather color STONE


I just see 2 pict of the composition of the color on web Mustang 2012


Seat is Stone and the all the rest is black except the middle of the door is Stone


This is it ?


Please somebody have pict on this color match for 2014, Really appreciate


Thank in advance

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Your Dealer can show you the actual Stone Leather sample for the specific 2014 Mustang model you ordered along with the other interior information, again for your specific model Mustang.

Hello ice-capades


Yes my dealer show me the sample off the leather, but i just want to see the exact separation of the stone vs black, the information I have is:


The seat is completly Stone color

The door panel is Black and the middle is Stone with band in 45 degre angle.


This is exact ?


The brochure2014.pdf is not available at this time



Thank for your help

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Update about this post.


Last week I pass lot of time to find some picture of the matching of the leather of my choice and I just find

few picture. This week same search and the result its so much different, now some new owner just receive is car

and take time to post some pict on the web.


This week all pict I need is available on the web.

Case resolve :-)

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