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Rich B.

Can't get them

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No disrespect intended for former posting by changing but have question that goes way back on Boss 302 Forum and no other place to post that I can see.


May be silly but it seems the "Union Made" decals placed on Mustang driver side rear quarter windows is very rare and impossible to obtain. Several have attempted to replace or reposition and they are a one time application. Most people simply remove period but the majority that I'm aware of want to retain and /or display them.


Perhaps different versions exist and any info I could relate would be priceless. Many think it's great that our cars are in Union hands from start to finish and like to flaunt it. Get the hint that those working at Flatrock and elsewhere are kinda down in the dumps somewhat. You couldn't imagine being tied up with the government for 38 years....... No more!


Any info would be highly regarded- Rich

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Company morale as far as the plants are concerned is rather low right now. Engineering and designing not so much. Probably because theyre actually kept in the loop as to whats going on.


I dont know why theyre so stingy with the plant stickers, youre not the first person to ask for them here.

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