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more interior color & engine options

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In 2014 I bought a '14 Titanium Escape. It was a fun little car, but in 2017 I wanted something else. I ended up buying a 2017 Lincoln MKC Reserve. The 2 biggest reasons were the bigger motor (2.3), and the beautiful Hazelnut interior. Now I want a little bigger vehicle. I love the new Lincoln Nautilus, but the $60,000+ price is too steep for me. I compromised and ordered a 2019 Ford Edge. I wanted the ST performance but the only interior option was black. That plus the mandatory 20" wheels and trailer hitch killed that decision. I want a little performance, but I'm 75 now, and not going racing any more, so I don't need 20 or 21" wheels, special tires and suspension. I really would have liked the bigger motor for highway passing situations however. I settled for the Titanium w/ceramic interior, but would have preferred a nice brown or tan. I just hope I'll be happy going back to the 2.0 (250HP) motor.


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