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Rear Entertainment System Help Needed

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Hello all, 

‘I am new here and looking for some help with our Navigator L rear entertainment system.  I special ordered the 2019 Nav for my spouse and picked it up in March.  I love everything about the SUV except the rear entertainment. I have to say I was a bit suprised to find that the truck had a CD player, but not integrated blue ray or DVD. I am a computer enthusiast so I have been ripping my personal use DVDs for our kids and putting the files on memory cards. We must have more than 75 DVDs so at 30 minutes a piece this is taking a while.  Streaming with a fire stick has been easy.


‘Our problem is with the sound from the headphones.  From what I understand, the system uses RF rather than Bluetooth to audio from the system to the wireless headphones.  Unfortunately, out third kid in the third row says the audio cuts out frequently.  We have managed a sort of work around by turning the volume on the screens up high and the volume on the headphones low to limit the cracking and popping noises out of the headphones in the last row. This puts the volume through the second row at an unacceptable level unless the volume is down on the headsets.  We have had replacement headphones (expensive), aftermarket headphones, and all seem to have this issue in the third row.


we took the vehicle in (long story) and the dealer told us that the system is RF and “not designed to work in the third row”.  IMHO, a rear entertainment system should probably workin the rear.  Before I bump this to concierge, I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there is a workaround for the problem.  


Thanks in in advance for the help!

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Flying68, thank you for the suggestion. I will look into this option for sure.


 I called Lincoln concierge today and asked them about the system because my dealer told me that it was not supposed to be functional in the third row seat. I was surprised by this answer and decided to do a little more investigation. The concierge also thought that maybe this was an unusual answer and suggested I contact the manufacturer Voxx to find out what their opinion of the system is and the functionality. I called Voxx today and spoke with their representatives and interestingly they agreed with the dealership and said the system is not designed to work in the third row.


They said the system headphones, just as you suggested, are IR and have a limited range and they are not supposed to be able to work that far. I am completely surprised by this answer as we Owens a minivan and the headphones worked in the last row of that vehicle. I’m  surprised that the rear entertainment system in this vehicle doesn’t work in the entire rear of the vehicle only was designed to work for the second row passengers. Otherwise, I find the rear entertainment system very functional.  It has many interesting options including the ability to stream external sources  into the monitors.  I will try your Bluetooth suggestion since I already own a few Bluetooth headsets, and I will see if I’m able to do that as a workaround so that my children who sit in the third row are able to enjoy the entertainment system as well.


I know another option is to sync the command screen behind the driver seat with the Bluetooth audio system in the vehicle and have the audio come through all of the speakers in the system and watch the video without the headsets. This is unfortunate in that then my wife and I would not be able to separately listen to radio station or have a nice quiet discussion while the kids are watching a movie on the a road  trip. Plus, the other thing that happens if you do sync the rear entertainment system with the Bluetooth audio, you lose the ability to watch two separate shows on two separate screens. Thank you.

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