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Ford Connected Charging Station

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Anyone have any information on this, like an installation manual?  I'm finishing-up a 60-amp capable run into my garage, if this might be in my future, I'd like to make my in-garage portion as ready as possible to accommodate this. I'm not seeing a power feed into this, so it must be coming in from behind.


Or it's just a fake marketing version,,,,


Thanks, HRG


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If it is like every other charger out there, there will be a direct wire version, where the wires terminate into a screw down terminal or a plug.  Obviously direct wire will give you better amperage options.  I had a 14-50 plug put in right next to the panel.  That makes it agnostic.  I can plug in our J1772 or Tesla charger and then can simply take either with us when/if we move.


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