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New-to-me 2013 MKS EcoBoost

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Replaced my super-reliable ‘old’ 2011 MKZ commuter car (Traded right at 360,000 km / 224,000 miles) with a 2013 MKS EcoBoost, fully loaded but high mileage.  I had been looking for one for a while but they are quite rare I found.  

Car is in amazing shape for its age and mileage - clearly very well kept. The FCIM has the common problem and a new one is on order. Dealership replaced the BCM due to some fault codes (although Forscan shows some new ones as well as some DTCs related to the DDM and some overvoltage error somewhere else) but the one perplexing issue is with the lane keep. The menus show it as active but the button doesn’t do anything.  Forscan showed it as disabled and when I tried to reactivate there was an error. Does anyone know if LKA is in any way controlled through the FCIM?  Any ideas?


The other question/comment I have is related to the engine note from inside the cabin. Tooling  around town the engine is nice and quiet. When you bring up the revs I find the engine sounds coarse and somewhat unrefined. Is that common with the MKS EB and/or SHO?


Regardless, I now own 765 Chicago-built Lincoln horsepower between the MKS and my Aviator.  Since 2013, I’ve had an ‘11 MKZ, ‘13 MKX, ‘16 MKX (early build), ‘16 MKX (late build), ‘20 Aviator and ‘13 MKS.  In case you’re wondering, I’m 40.

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