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Hiro R. Roman

2011 Ford Edge Oil pressure Warning Intermittent Light

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Hello I am new to the forum and I just have a quick question no more than a week ago I noticed that my Oil Pressure warning light will come on intermittently while driving but specially while the car is on iddle. I noticed that this happen after an oil change was done. Now the weird part is that the light does not come on no more but I noticed that the car is leaking oil so I did the must common thing and check both the oil filter and the lug bolt nut of the oil pan to see it it was leaking from that area but to my surprise no leaks were found there but I noticed that from the area where I presume the AC compressor is located had a little of oil on it so I remove the plastic engine cover and found that where what I assume two sensors go into the engine block were cover in oil so I assume that this is were the oil leak comes from. ( Provided a pic of my findings). Now the thing that puzzels  me the most it's that on the same side of the engine but on the back part its seems to look like some oil has leaked and stained the engine block.


I apologize for the long post but I was hoping that someone can enlight me on this before I take in to a car shop for repair just to have an Idea what's going on or if I can attempt to tackle this on my own, what exactly are those sensor looking like parts that going the engine block.


Thank you and best regards,


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You didn't say what year the vehicle is, but It appears to have Specialty Green in the coolant bottle so that makes it a 2009 to early 2012. So that's what I'm running with. Correct me if wrong.


Does the oil appear milky at all, like it may have coolant in it? The waterpump is the timing chain idler, and it can leak internal to the engine. If it does, it can be saved as long as it runs and doesn't knock. Is the check engine light on? Does the engine operate quietly at startup and when the light is on? What type of oil filter and grade of oil are you using? 


It may be as simple as the oil pressure switch giving up the ghost, but I'd want to have an engine oil pressure check performed, to verify it is not the engine. The switch is a simple on/off switch, screwed into the block near the oil filter. It has a single wire. You can probably DIY a new one in. STRONGLY suggest MOTORCRAFT replacement, if you do. 


Your pic is the VCT solenoids. Sometimes they weep, not a huge deal as long as the solenoids are functioning ok. The other thing might be that someone missed the oil fill at some point.

Typically the 3.5 leaks from valve covers and timing cover. 

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