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Wrangler 392 (V8) Unveiling tomorrow (11/17)

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On 11/16/2020 at 7:10 PM, Stray Kat said:


A Bronco with a 2.7 can make 500 hp with a tune. Stay the course Ford. Win the battle with quality and capability. 


On what gas? Looks like 310 @ the wheels for 93. No E-85 IN jersey (closest for me is over an hour away and one of maybe 3, I can find in whole state). 

6 hours ago, sullynd said:

At least two. The regular four door weighs 4,500lbs, the V8 likely more. That’s just over two tons. 


Base 4cyl, 4 door, man trans bronco start out @ base Rubicon weight. Rub with V-8 has to be 800 lbs more to 

get to top weight 4 door bronco, 5320 lbs. All these new rigs are pretty porky when you consider 96 FSB was 4600 base.

6 hours ago, CKNSLS said:

They are going to sell A TON of those V8 Jeeps.


  Every one. Hope it forces Ford to drop in a V-8. I drive a 2.7 every day. Great motor after the initial lag (yes, it is short, but it is there). 

Not tractable/repeatable enough for me though offroad, especially when it gets really hot (like hard core crawling when you are sitting on the converter

for a long time creating heat, trying to make obstacle). Granted a coyote may not be all that great either, so Ford really doesn't have an answer without

going hybrid, and I don't think that is something that I'm going to want to have to fix if it gets buggy, electrically, way down the road. If I get one, I would

probably keep it for rest of my life. I know many say that, but I do, still have my first new car, 86 Capri 5.0 bought new.    

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