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  1. 100 miles wouldn't do it in jersey either. Easily 50 miles from north jersey/NY area to many shore spots towing boat (and that's before you even get off parkway). Maybe eventually they have chargers at ramps, but they could not be used otherwise, as most private ramps/marinas are locked up when not being used (would be hard to justify chargers if general public could not use them fro EV cars too).
  2. If we ares still talking Stinger, you'd have to compare it to an Edge really. NVH of Escape feels like a bucket of crap, compared to my Fusion, and Stinger is only maybe a hair under Fusion. I get it, Ford needs to make money first. It just won't be off me for my next car. And if all the less expensive brands ditch cars, I'll go upmarket (in price, would not be looking forward to downgrade in reliability, but so be it). I still may replace Escape for a new Bronco eventually, for no other reason than I'm a bronco maniac. My PS4S's handle (and brake) better in the rain than any other tire I've ever had. About 95% as good as dry (not hydroplaning, but wet surface). Much better than the same size AS3+ I have for winter (on same stock rim). Not sure what kind of fairy dust Mich sprinkles on those things, but for me, it's way more than 1% just due to that.
  3. This........... Don't hate SUV's, woman has a 17 Escape. But no matter what you do to a SUV/CUV, same vehicle will handle better as a sedan. Bought a base fusion sport so it wouldn't have sunroof weight. Would it be a large affect, probably not, but I wanted lightest weight, lowest COG, I could get (also saved 1000's on other crap I didn't want). Probably going Stinger next, which I think are ugly, but it checks all the boxes and will be cheap soon as A, "sedans aren't selling", and B, "IC cars won't be worth anything soon".
  4. Bunch at Oldbridge............... https://www.allamericanfordinoldbridge.com/searchnew.aspx?Year=2019&Model=Ranger
  5. Because Ford already has plenty of SUV's with IFS that it could just change the body on, so what really is the point of an all NEW bronco chassis, if it is not competing against the wrangler.
  6. Then they are going to have an issue with the masses if it takes 50 grand to get AWD. We paid about that for our 17 fusion (Sport) and 17 escape (2.0 SE), both AWD.
  7. Find it hard to believe it's not also a function of motor size and power usage. I've read electrics don't have as high a top end speed due to being geared for accel. So re-gear them or use a 2 speed trans.
  8. Why can't they build a model 3 that does 0-60 in high 5's to 6, high 13 or-14.0 second 1/4 mile (plenty of speed for 95% of those on the road), has AWD, mid size sedan size, 380-400 mile range, has decently nice interior finishes with AC, power options, heated seats, halfway decent stereo, and be bought with discounts right around $25-26K? You can still get 18 Fusion Sports that do all that for that price. Can't they do 2 smaller motors, add more battery pack, and use less power so it's only fast, not ludicrous, then get more range?
  9. OX1

    7.3 hp/tq numbers?

    50% torque increase over the 6.2 sounds like quite a stretch.............
  10. Even at 25% EV sales, it takes 16 years to get 50% EV's on the road. Assuming average life of cars 8 years, which is 12.5 % replaced each year. When do "we" think EV's will be more than 50% of the sales, as that is the only way they even start gaining ground. Going to be along time, no matter how you slice it.
  11. It's sad the crappy memorial they have at that site. Just a tiny pole with a little blimp on it. Can barely see it.
  12. Exactly. I get 21 in my fusion Sport (Edge Sport gets 16), she gets 24 in her AWD 2.0 escape. Night and day vehicles. The Escape only does one thing better, sits higher. You couldn't pay me to drive escape, ride quality is horrible and handling pathetic. If I drove as conservative as her, I could get very close in mileage with a car, a class higher, larger and so much faster, you might as well be walking in the escape.
  13. OX1

    Tesla Model 3 review

    Nope, there level at on off, is not my level.
  14. OX1

    1978 Bronco brake upgrade

    I've put 79 F250 2WD Booster/MC, 93 F350 Booster/86 SVO MC, and late 70's Linc HB in my 78/79's. Search for 93 F350 booster and OX1, on fullsizebronco.com, I have plenty of old threads on there and pics of the 93 F350 booster, which is probably the one you want. You are going to need custom brackets for firewall, but not super hard to fabricate and required no welding.