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Ford isn't scoring any points


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this (many years ago) used to be a great thread...does anyone at ford even reply in here anymore?


the covid bs/intentional shipping logjams at ports/intentional labor shortages by rewarding the lazy-shutting down businesses during covid over things known now to have been useless will spin into a devolving political mess unneeded- but whatever: Fords customer service is SAD.

 my buddies Bronco showed up yesterday- 1.5 years hes waited. it was built 3/28, confirmed completed, just awaiting a hauler...it showed up, but the online tracker still says 'awaiting shipment. come on- the system absolutely knows where this stuff is at and why. get some first year IT kid to fix access to it. fedex can track a envelope, ford makes status of 70k+ trucks top secret or simply 'noone knows'... I really cant picture a taco bell employee out there with a notepad and pencil paper looking thru the sea of trucks to find one, know what I mean? its in the computer system, its not lost.


as for build quality, its backpedalling a bit. when the 15 f150s came out at the auto show, i nit picked the hell out of them, sent a 'book' of photos to ford- even got a reply from Mark Fields himself and a call from his secretary LOL- and the next year the auto show trucks were perfect though, after seeing a couple years of good things, got a 19 lariat, and its the finest vehicle ive ever had- still is, even though ive got a 2 week old 22 lariat too :(  the 22, the roof seams are showing ecoat(thin to non existent paint) the drivers rear cab corner sticks out 1/2" past the bed- bed or cab aint centered on the mounts...drivers rear door requires slamming to get it to fully close- just little fitting issues...bodywise, the inner side edges of the tailgate though- uggh...jagged/cracked/look like the auto show trucks from 15 again...yeah its not a visible surface, but if you snag a rag or cut yourself trying to clean it, it wont be a 'good job ford' moment...


i dunno where the answer lies, but without quality at the forefront, and without actual customer service, fords committing suicide. ive always been a ford guy, but honestly dont love this 22 lariat any more than our 98 windstar new... the 19 was a perfect truck, paint/fit/finish/materials... the 22 has iffy things that will need addressed- and the thought of dealer paint repairs scares the hell out of me- the 22 leather wheel has whats gotta be the cheapest leather on the planet- it might be cardboard from the feel of it, just goofy little gripes that were not there till the newest model...it might cost the most by a lot, but isnt the best...sorry. it will be my last new F150 though, might even dump it and look for another 19 lariat-  that 19 is just about a impossible truck not to love- the team that packaged that one all earned a well deserved pat on the back... 2 years into the all new model though, still seeing paint/finishing/assembly  issues- combined with poor material on the steering wheel (that may actually be a covid thing- but i still suspect a beancounter thing was behind it, as the quality of the leather seats IS perfect).


trying to love this 22, but its just lacking. yeah, more power in the 3.5- but they dicked with the perfection that was the noise csancellation/engine sound enhancement the 19 had, now the 22 sounds like a sewing machine unless you really step on it- the 19 had a soft v8 sound and exceptional muting of the quite noisy 3.5 clatter... shame they went backwards :(

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