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  1. bshort

    New truck, first things to work on?

    All of that is unnecessary, but it's your money.
  2. bshort

    Ford isn't scoring any points

    59 days post-delivery and nothing......supposedly the parts have been expedited, but that was a week or so ago. One more day until I play with the BBB autoline.
  3. bshort

    Missing On Delivery

    My truck was damaged upon delivery and missing a part. Told 14 days for everything to arrive....it's been 55 days and no eta. Dealer blames Ford, Ford plays stupid (I don't think they're actually playing though). I'd be asking for free labor on that winch.
  4. I said many, not average. I know word comprehension can be difficult, but please give us your best effort.
  5. I think this applies to many Ford and GM owners as well.
  6. bshort

    Ford isn't scoring any points

    45 days post-delivery and nothing has changed. Zero, zilch....just more circle'jerk BS between the dealer and Ford.
  7. bshort

    Thoughts after 30 days

    Great to see a dealer doing right! Mine hasn't done anything, yet calls to ask that I give them great comments on the surveys Ford send out. I didn't, so they called to ask that I give them great reviews on the follow-up survey. I asked for the repairs promised during delivery of the truck and they replied, "Uh, yeah....the parts are on the way..so please give us a positive review." Hahahah. They'll get a review when the job is complete, or just before the survey expires.
  8. 7.3 super cab short bed camper. 22” even.
  9. bshort

    Thoughts after 30 days

    Nope. Mine was built the same day as yours. Missing interior trim, bent bed and scratched cab corner where the bad made contact during assembly, delamination of the drivers window glass. The QC person must've took a break after yours rolled through. One would think a Ford worker would see a loaded Lariat supercab coming down the line and think "think isn't your average work truck", but I guess a truck is a truck if they can bone up Platinum worse. At least it runs and drives. Had this truck since mid-August and Ford still hasn't fixed one thing.
  10. Gets over 100 degrees here and the state is calling for energy conservation. Guess they'll have to build some more coal-fired power plants to create all this green transportation.
  11. Was getting 8.5 mpg towing up to the mountains. EV version would have me charging every 100 miles. Pass.
  12. bshort

    1000 mile break-in period?

    Had a Chevy 2500 that when from the dealership directly to the rv dealership to bring the trailer home. Truck had 30 miles before towing and I never had an issue with the truck.
  13. bshort

    Ford isn't scoring any points

    Can't even get them to give me my rewards points. 😂