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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. There's a pic of the faux Star White out there. Looks Oxford.
  2. Finally went under 6 for regular at 5.99. Diesel is still 6.69.
  3. bshort

    Painting Exhaust

    I used to do it back when I was a detail fiend. I used black bbq paint and it lasted well. I do not live in an area with snow or lots of rain though.
  4. bshort

    23 is coming soon

    IF they get around to building them, they'll probably be the mix and match of parts they are currently are now. Sorry, no multi contour seats, BAP on XLT, etc. Get an ugly new grill area though.
  5. bshort

    2022 F250 Key?

    This is your answer. It was never going to come with push/start to begin with.
  6. bshort

    TSB - 3/2/1 Downshift

    What's the fix?
  7. Paid 7.49 for some 91 up in the hills.
  8. bshort

    Another Recall

    Geez. Sorry you clicked something so unnecessary.
  9. Sell the truck and buy a car? Can't see how one can completely eliminate dust and water back there. It will get past any tailgate seal as well.
  10. bshort

    At last

    Capt. chairs was an option?
  11. bshort

    Hard not to consider, right?

    I sold my 2019 GMC for a profit. Never even considered it as a schlong move.
  12. bshort

    2023 Ordering starts…?

    October, but who really knows............
  13. bshort

    F250 7.3 gas milage question

    Towed a 6K travel trailer 300 miles from 90' to 7000' and back down to 4500'. 7.3/4.30 using 91 this trip. 8.8 MPG.
  14. bshort

    F250 7.3 gas milage question

    I get around 11 empty and as much as 9 towing.
  15. bshort

    Another Recall

    Currently have the trailer brake controller reflash recall pending. Now, there's a wiper arm recall with no fix available. Good thing the rain is just about over for us. 🤣