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Where Was Our 2021 Navigator?

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1 hour ago, akirby said:

Just a quick anecdote - my son and his partner recently moved to 29 palms in the California desert.  He has a pet bald python.  They went to the pet store to get dinner for Drake and on the way back home from the pet store 3 mice chewed through the cardboard container and got loose in the car.  They all died but they only found 2 of the 3.  Took out the seats and never could find it.  Luckily being in the desert in summer it desiccated pretty quickly.   Now they put the cardboard box inside a plastic bin.

I've actually been through 29 Palms near Joshua Tree National Park.  Oh my,  yes very arid out there.  I would guess  anything would become like freeze dried food in less than a week!

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