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Aftermarket fabricated bumpers

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So I've been looking at aftermarket fabricated bumpers they seem to range from $750 up to $3,000. The $750 range ones are no winch and have no provisions for the new technologies and are more for looks it seems. Of course the higher end ones are made to work with the technology integrated into the truck and seem to be made for real heavy duty use.



Anybody have any of these on the truck that they really like? Advice on what to look out for what to make sure to get what to stay away from?


I don't really plan on pushing trees down or smashing through cinder block walls but I do use the hooks/loops and the front of the truck quite a bit on my other trucks. I don't want to lose pull points in the front, if I get a bumper I want clevis rings on the bumper to be just as strong as the factory Rings / hooks.


I've seen many people comment on line that they thought their aftermarket bumper tow hook points would be as strong as Factory but when they got the bumper they realized it was more for looks than anything.


I just don't want to play the get it realized it is crap, ship it back and get a different one ship it back get another one ship it back game.


I learned my lesson when it came to the fifth wheel hitches...


Everybody here told me to go get a BW..... I decided to get the REESE M5 27K... after 2-3 months  AND shipping new parts out to me and back and forth I returned it and realized I'm going to have to admit to these guys that I didn't listen and it turned out to be hell....AND YES... I should have listened oh, no I didn't and yes it turned out to be hell for me and I wish I would have listened???


So, with the bumper I'm going to listen?

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Check out Thunder Struck.  I don't have a bumper, but do have one of their grille guards that I like very much.  Very stout and heavy duty, and retains factory tow hooks.  I bought ours finished in zinc primer and had it painted to match the new truck.  Hopefully that offers better long term finish durability than what I've experienced with powder coating.

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I used the Outlaw Premium from www.peacemakerbumpers.com on my 05 chevy. I hit at least 2 deer with it and no damage at all to the bumper. I never used the clevis rings. However I did use the 2" receiver a lot to move some trailers and attach a winch to quite often. Never bent or had any issues. I even used the winch to take down a very large tree and it lifted the front of the truck a bit. Still no damage to the bumper or truck. The entire build of the bumper looked and felt very solid and got lots of comments on how solid it looked and felt.



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Outlaw premium from peacemaker is a stout 4” pipe bumper, weighs in at 270 lbs, has the removable mesh grill for the forward facing camera, a half assed bracket for radar unit ( used for adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance system ) and decent mounting hardware.


$1400 shipped from Texas to Colorado, customer service sucks unless your spending $$$$, but the bumper will save your condenser / radiator / ass in a pinch.



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