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Hi all. I know this is the 150/raptor forum but I left on SD as well but SD folks don't seem to be as prolific about such discussions.  Recently sold my 2019 Raptor for a new SD coming next week. So after the months of waiting game for my ordered truck I had to pull the trigger and pay an ADM for a on site truck.  Unfortunately it doesn't have the tremor package or BAP I wanted.  Ive never done mods but would like to level the truck out and add the stuff I lost for a more blacked out appearance.  Please let me know if you know or have a good resource.  It s bit of a rabbit hole and I want to do it right not just cheaply on a 95K truck.  I live in WA and willing to take the truck for stuff If needed too. Thanks

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It's always tough to find resources, I've always found it's best to first figure out exactly what you want then start vetting vendors.  I would not seek out vendors looking for ideas, I'd spend the time, look at pics, even pay someone $25 for photoshop mockups first.  FB groups are good for local vendors.  

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