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Energi High Voltage Battery Degradation

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Hi All.


I have a 2017 C-MAX Energi with 95,000 miles on it.  When I first bought this car (new) it wasn't unusual to travel 20 miles on pure battery with a full charge, and I could expect around 5.5 kWH at fully charged.


Now, with 95,000 miles, I average around 12 miles of travel on pure battery with a full charge, and I get about 3.6 kWH at fully charged.


My Ford dealer has done a significant amount of testing at the direction of Ford, and the dealer has been told by Ford that my vehicle is still performing within specifications by providing from 0 - 20 miles of travel on battery only.  (seems like a stupid spec to me by saying 0 miles is still within spec.)


While I did expect some level of degradation of the high voltage battery over time, it seems that 30% is excessive over 5 years and 95,000 miles.


Is anyone else experiencing a similar level of degradation?  My dealer tells me my best recourse is to start with Ford Customer Service.  Not very hopeful about that.


Thanks for any feedback.

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