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2021 ford edge computer problems


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My wife and I bought  a new from the dealer , 2021 ford edge. We have had nothing but trouble with the compter system. Cal[ed the dealer today to complain that the computer screen is dark. No back up camera , no nothing and the dealer informs us they cant help us because of ongoing problems with the compter problems on other ford edge. 

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Yep we tried your sugestion. The dealership couldn't even  get the update to go  into the car  I am very disappointed in our dealership, not being able to correct the problem. Then telling us they can't correct the problem. I would love to know who to contact at Ford to voice my complaint and get some resolution to our problem. This is a brand new car and I am having  problems already.

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Returned the car to the dealer again for the  same computer problem. Service manager looked at the now blacked out out computer screen, had his lead tec person run a systems check on my car. The dealership now has my car and I have a loaner. going on two weeks. They were unable to give me any sort of time frame for repair on my brand new ford edge.

Does anyone know how to contact anyone at corperate that might be abled to get this problem solved and my car back to me. If it's not fixed soon Calif has very strong lemon laws and I will be seeking legal action..

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