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Ranger Raptor at Baja


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6 hours ago, Chrisgb said:

Might be for some sort of brush guard available on ROW's?

Ford has partnered with ARB for off-road accessories and the Raptor version doesn't have front protection/bull bars listed, it's only available for regular Rangers.

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On 1/31/2023 at 11:24 AM, AM222 said:

I guess an odd unnecessary notch has just appeared on the front fender flare of the RoW Ranger Raptor. 


On 1/31/2023 at 4:39 AM, AM222 said:

I always thought the small indentation on the front fender flares (photo below) was for the front side marker lights of the North American version.... apparently, that's not the case as seen in the photo above.
What's that indentation on the front fender flares for?

I thought the same thing about it being there for the reflector. If you notice in the ROW photo the top edge of the indentation sort of aligns with split between the front edge of the fender and grill surround. No idea if that was intentional. I'm guessing they just put that in there to break up the smooth contour of the flare. Debatable whether it's a styling or aero thing.

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Here's another possibility for the indentation in the flares. Look at where the side clearance light is located on the F-150 Raptor flares. Is it possible that in some other markets with much narrower highways the Ranger Raptor is required to have clearance lights and not just reflectors? Or did the designers of the earlier version of the flare just assume clearance lights would be required for the US and Canada? If you look at the RR grille there are also cutouts where lights could be mounted in the top of the grille just like on Big Brother.


And BTW, the DOT rule is that any highway use vehicle that exceeds 80" in width is required to have three amber lights mounted somewhere high on the vehicle (most are on the roof) as well as one on each front fender.


The 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R churning sand as it tops a dune in our off-road tests

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