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30 minute vehicle shutdown

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We just took delivery of a 2023 Ford F250 STX that is being used as an Emergency Vehicle and descovered that there is a 30 minute shutdown after being placed in Park.  Doing a Google search in how to override this feature has not been helpful.  Because of the potential of sitting on an Emergency Scene for up to 9 hours is a possibility, having the vehicle shut down after 30 minutes is not conducive to us because of sitting out on the roadway with the Warning Lights on.  Returning to the vehicle every 30 minutes to restart it is not conducive to te work that I perform.  We are looking for a way to override the 30 minute shutdown feature.  Any and all help is appreciated.

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30 minutes ago, Fire Dude 316 said:

That was the video yhat I orginally found and it said were to go to turn it off.  However, this vehicle did not have that option, only to adjust the time from 1 to 30 minutes. 

Perhaps fleet vehicles don’t have that option.   Check with the dealer and see if they can disable it or at least turn on the menu.   Forscan might be an option.

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