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HELP! Howling Noise From Front Right Corner

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Long story short 2022 F250, driving narrow roads in Connecticut I got forced off the road by an oncoming truck. Front right tire/rim hit an outcrop of rock on shoulder. Huge hit, big gouge on rim with outside edge slightly bent. Pulled over to check damage then checked tire pressure screen, wasn't losing air so I continued on.


Immediately after while driving home on the interstate I heard a howling noise that increased with speed. Bought a new/used rim and a new set of studded snow tires (the original Goodyear Kevlar suck plowing snow),  the same howling is still there. I asked the service girl at the dealership (cough cough) to have someone check for anything that looks bent or out of the ordinary while installing the rim and tires to no avail.


Looking for possible clues as to what might be causing the noise. Bearings, hubs, suspension parts bent, etc. It was a hard hit! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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On 1/21/2024 at 7:54 PM, NH_Bulldog said:

I would suspect a wheel bearing, or If you have a 4x4, maybe a u-joint or a bent steering knuckle.  If they didn’t do an alignment with the new tires, you need to watch tire wear.

Thanks for the reply. I need to find out what's causing it now rather than something failing while I'm on the road going up north to plow. What's confusing is there is no vibration, pulling, shake, nothing. I guess it needs to go on an alignment machine.


I was traveling on the NYS Thruway yesterday, between the new studded snow tires and the howling noise I couldn't hear myself think.

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