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China & Mexico

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How the Liberal Media Reacted to Trump’s Latest Comment Is Why Americans Have Lost Trust https://townhall.com/tipsheet/saraharnold/2024/03/17/trump-bloodbath-comment-taken-out-of-context-n2636600


Ford US facilities "9" - US assembled models - "16"

Ford/China facilities "6" - China assembled models - "20"

Ford/Mexico Facilities  "2" Mexican assembled models - "3"

Non Ford Mexico/China joint venture facilties  "2"  assembled models "?"


But are just barely president states the UAW is in full support of the current policies and the administration putting these policies in place.....

Any chance of  organizing Mexico or Chinese workers? To date 14% of Mexican labor is unionized and in decline. No assembly facilities. One parts plant is unionized (about 400 employees) the agreement isn`t centered around rates of pay, mianly hours worked and working conditions.  


100% tariff worked before, energy independent worked before, small minority business at and all time high and inflation lowest in so many years worked before. Maybe the just barely IUAW president didn`t care for what worked....

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2 hours ago, TIGER66 said:

Amen brother, I’m with you. Biden’s agenda is to put gas engines out of business. How the UAW could back a party trying to put us out of a job baffle’s me.

The machinist union backed this current policy maker with votes & thousands of their dues/political fund dollars. First thing the current policy maker did with a pen? Yep no pipeline work for you union brothers and sisters... Voting for what works isn`t a strong attribute of those that think for themselves.  

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