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Super Duty Towing Side Mirrors


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One item on my wish list would be towing side mirrors that extend an additional 3" to 4".  


We have a 2008 Ford F-450 Lariat Crew Cab and carry a slide in pickup camper and a pull a four place bumper pull horse trailer in the summer and pull a 30' snowmobile trailer in the winter.  Both trailers and camper are built to the maximum width of 102".  And I do not have a clear view down the side of neither trailer or camper while using the passenger side mirror.  The drivers side mirror requires me to tilt my head towards the drivers side window to have a clear view looking down the side of the camper and trailer.  


Not that I pass many vehicles as we are heavy but when a pass is required not having a clear unobstructed view down the passenger side of our vehicle adds a certain amount of discomfort to the process.  


I have to admit a competitor with a side mirror design incorporating a cam side mirror roll over design is clearly superior.  And how I know that is my buddy used his truck to pull my snowmobile trailer as we were splitting cost by car/trailer pooling!  When it was my turn to drive and I started adjusting the seat and mirrors and I looked down the side of his truck and my trailer on the drivers and passenger side it was wonderful to have an unobstructed view!  I had to buy dinner.


Ford it is time to upgrade the Super Duty side mirror extensions.

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Greetings AKirby, 


Thank you for your reply! 


I have Googled this topic before but I didn't find the vendor you shared with me.


I've spent time measuring my stock mirrors for minimum and maximum travel.  I called and asked questions of the vendor to make sure I understood how they determined the minimum and maximum travel of their mirrors.  


The numbers I have on the BA Boost Auto mirrors when extented add an additional 1.5" out on the drivers side and 2.75" out on the passenger side when compared to my stock Super Duty mirrors.  I would call my numbers as plus or minus as I can see the points I measured too may not be the same points measured to by BA Boost Auto.


Also, I had my lovely Bride hold up a mirror along side my stock Super Duty mirror on the passenger side and measured out to find a spot that I can see the front and rear corners of our enclosed trailer.  I learned my Ford mirrors need to extend 4" to 6" farther out than I thought and originally posted at the start of this thread. My bad!


Thank you again, AKirby!


I'll keep shopping.



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