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2015 Focus automatic transmission overheat


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15 Focus automatic 170 k km, TCM replaced a year ago under recall warranty. Shutter has never gone away but today I suddenly couldn’t get my car to speed up - would just rev when pressing gas, and eventually got transmission overheat warning pull over wait 5 minutes warning. Same thing happened over and over. Finally left it in a parking lot bc I couldn’t try to drive in traffic, wasn’t safe. It starts fine and reverses fine but when going from stop to start in D or L just revs like I’m in neutral and eventually gives me the over heat warning. No other warning lights, no check engine light etc. 

coolant level looked fine, temp gauge normal. 
Anyone know how I can quick fix to get it home? As opposed to towing it? If I knew it was related to the TCM recall, I would have it towed right up the street to the dealership because it’s just around the corner. 🫠

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1 hour ago, Mizzmumzy said:

Do you mean just to drive it around the corner or is this a fix? Do you know if it’s related to the TCM?

Temporary fix if it works.  Might last a few minutes might last a few months but it probably needs to be replaced if that’s the problem.

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