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Lincoln Navigator Marketing

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Marketing idea for the 2025 navigator:


Get the hot new artist Tyla and becky g along with Matthew McConaughey and Serena williams, to connect different demographics especially the younger crowd.   Two advertising commercials to connect with day/night lifestyles.


For one commercial, Use Tylas song ART since it's lyrics would gel so well with the quiet flight and beauty motif of lincolns design language.  Have the vehicle drive smoothly in different locales near water, like beaches, a lake, or cliff side to give the feeling of adventure so it's like serenity after a long day of exploring.  


The other commercial, use tylas song on my body (just the chorus), and use a city back drop to promote the night life aesthetic.  Have them picking eachother up with friends and have them drive to a party scene on the beach and use the lyrics to highlight the design, passenger space and interior comfort.  At the beach, have them dance with friends, and have the truck be their source of entertainment such as sound and lighting to highlight those features(and split tailgate).


It maybe too late, but this kind of marketing will help reach a younger consumer base without alienating the current base.

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