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  1. Alan is one of the few executives that I've truly admired. I will miss him at Ford. Hopefully Fields won't screw things up. -Shannon
  2. I just got though reading "American Icon, Alan Mulally and the Fight to save Ford Motor Company" by Bryce Hoffman and according to Bryce, yes early on Alan wanted to cut all the brands except for Ford. Apparently, the execs at Ford persuaded Alan that he needed to keep at least one luxury brand.. and that Mercury would stay until Lincoln could stand on its own (page 145). BTW. Good book, I highly recommend it. I goes into some detail about just how dire the situation was at Ford. -Shannon
  3. lastdeadlast

    Ring Bros '64 Fairlane Afterburner

    Sorry I just saw this... I built a 331 Stroker with EFI "loosely" based off of a 91 Mustang GT. As tuned it puts out a little over 360hp/358tq at the wheels. I've put in a t5z 5speed transmission and a 9" differential with a TrueTrac and 3.89 gears. I've also upgraded the front suspension with coilovers and Cobra disk brakes in all 4 corners. For what it is, it goes like stink.. -Shannon
  4. lastdeadlast

    Ford powered toys?

    351CID: I love those old Torino's.. Great car! Project-Fairmont: One of my favorite track cars of all time. Looks like a first class build 92LX302: You nailed the stance of that Mustang. The rear wheel offset really makes that car. IMSA-XJR9: Great stance as well.. The wheels look great. I know a guy with a Mach that races at VIR.. Sweet ride. MadManMoon: Nice Cobra, I bet that thing is fun open tracking... Keep the pics coming. I love to see what ideas people come up with. -Shannon
  5. lastdeadlast

    I want this car!

    Saweet! The mill looks right at home in there.. -Shannon
  6. lastdeadlast

    Ring Bros '64 Fairlane Afterburner

    That's a beautiful Mustang Mark, and thanks guys for the compliments. The big reason I went that direction was that it was used as a drag car in its previous life (hence the roll cage) so I figured it was make a great resto-mod. I like most of the things that the Ring Brothers do.. sometimes they start to get a little techno-crazy for my taste, but to each his own. BTW, I love this forum.. I've been visiting almost daily since 2005. Obviously, I don't post much. -Shannon
  7. lastdeadlast

    Ring Bros '64 Fairlane Afterburner

    I bought their fiberglass hood with the carbon fiber hood scope for my 65 Mustang. it's the best fitting aftermarket hood I've ever seen. I spoke to Mike Ring at length about the quality.. Really nice guy and very helpful. Here is the hood on my rig (still unpainted)... Thanks, Shannon
  8. lastdeadlast

    Any Ford Motor Company Engineers Here?

    You got that right! Plenty of heat to go around. Good luck on getting that job with FoMoCo. Although I've loved working for Volvo, very nice company, you should consider it if you have the opportunity. -Shannon
  9. lastdeadlast

    Any Ford Motor Company Engineers Here?

    I don't deal much with the Truck employees, I run the Volvo Finance data center in Greensboro. The only one I know from 3P is Chris Stadler.. ever heard of him? I've heard there's been a lot of... pressure over there lately.
  10. lastdeadlast

    Any Ford Motor Company Engineers Here?

    Hey, are you working in Greensboro? I work for Volvo Finance (truck not car) -shannon
  11. lastdeadlast

    20" Wheels on 2008 F-150

    Uh, yeah. Well there's that too. -Shannon
  12. lastdeadlast

    20" Wheels on 2008 F-150

    I've got an 06 F150 Lariat 4x4 with the 20" rims. I specifically searched for the 20's when I purchased it just because of the looks. Given a good rotation schedule, I've heard that these tires wear very well. The only time I notice a rough ride is when the truck sits overnight and the factory Pirelli's "flaten out" a bit. It takes a couple miles to sort itself out and then everything is fine. I actually find the truck a dream to drive on the highway, its a very nice cruiser. What wheel base do have? A short wheelbase could make for a rougher ride. But short of changing the wheel/tire combo you probably don't have very many options. -Shannon