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  1. The problem with the BEV's is the infrastructure of our power grids. We're probably 15-20 years away from updating home electrical service to carry the load when 80% of the houses have their commuter cars plugged in at night. Look at CA right now. If you think those people are pissed now; imagine how they'd be if they were unable to drive away.
  2. It was a nightmare on that Five Hundred as well. Might have been easier with a lift, but I don't have one as of yet. My only saving grace is that I'm a lefty.
  3. Pretty much. The Fusion hasn't been a bad car at all. Most everything with it has been minor, agravating stuff. Trim falling off, small electrical gremlins, etc. That Five Hundred is a solid, well built, tank that I'd put up against any CamCord for quality. The only issue my wife ever had with the car was it didn't have the power she likes and it wasn't what I'd call "pretty".
  4. My wife says that her Fusion was a lemon compared to her 2005 Five Hundred. We sold that car to my son who sold it to a friend. It has 290K on it now and it's still running well. Both rear wheel arches are rusted through, but it's still a tank. First 150K miles it had brakes, tires, wiper blades, tune ups, and struts replaced. At 175K the alternator went out. At 205K the a/c compressor went out. It was sold at 225K so I have no idea what's been done since.
  5. 13,300 miles per year is high mileage. I've had my Mustang 3 years and have put 26K on it. Pretty much no one drives it but me....and I'm on the road 30 weeks a year in my 18 wheeler.
  6. 351cid

    DPoS6 news.

    This morning my daughter called our local Ford dealer to have her 2014 Focus re-clutched. When nshe had her TCM replaced last month they had told her that her clutch needed replacing, but she doesn't have the money for that right now. The service advisor was surprised she knew about FSA 19N08 since they only got notification yesterday after lunch. They scheduled her car for next Tuesday and my daughter is happy as a clam. Her words were: "Daddy, I was really irritrated at Ford over this whole deal. I love my car, but I was thinking it was doomed. Ford apparently is trying to make this right, so I have confidence in them again."
  7. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Keep in mind guys, that the 460 was handicapped by Ford abandoning racing in mid 1970. Fortunately, the 429 was somewhat developed. We have a 78 year model 460 out of an F-250 bored & stroked to 513 cubes. It will spin 6000 rpm almost all day and makes 600 hp without power adders.
  8. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Correct. Example. 1970 302 was rated @ 210 hp. With minimal changes, 1972 was rated at 140 hp. Pretty much the same engine I'd say to compare the old SD V8 to the new 7.3, you'd have to guess the 7.3 @ about 525 lb ft.
  9. Seeing as I own a 72 Gran Torino Sport & is one of about 15 I've owned, I fit in that category too.
  10. I know of one instance that isn't feasible. My daughter & son in law bought a Focus. She's trying to finish her education while my son in law is a disabled Marine veteran. They struggle monthly to make their bills. I suggested they buy a new car (warranty & reliability) because they were dropping car payment money into fixing their beater every month. The "value" of a used Focus is a joke. They have paid 4 of 5 years on their loan & are still upside down in a big way. I helped negotiate the selling price & loan rate, so I know that isn't the issue. No one, NO ONE, will give anything on trade for a Focus. They have to pay through this crap for one more year, and then start all over. My kids have a bad taste in their mouth for FoMoCo. I'm not really inclined to convince them otherwise because of recent events at Ford. Another potential life customer squandered.
  11. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Keep in mind that the 60's engines were rated "gross" & modern engines are rated "net".
  12. As a follow up; my daughter took her Focus in today. She didn't hear a peep from the dealer until 4:30 pm. They called her to tell her that her car was ready. She asked what the issue was & they said the TCM, which was replaced under warranty. Neither of us has had good experiences with warranty repair, so this was a relief & a pleasant surprise.
  13. Thank you for that. She has an appointment next Wednesday since that was the first day they could get her in at the dealership. Hopefully, they will honor this.