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  1. Lord knows that Navistar blew it with the MaxxForce, so it's a good thing it's a GM engine.
  2. Not to get off topic, but finding 14" or 15" tires is getting difficult. When I was shopping for my Torino, there were only two or three choices for 295/50-15. I chose Cooper Cobra because of my experience with them. I think Cooper & a Chinese brand were all that were available in 205/70-14 for my Ranger. It has Cooper's as well. You can get reproduction tires, but who wants to spend that kind of coin for something that's driven regularly?:
  3. Bridgestone IS Firestone (or the other way aroound).
  4. Not going to disagree with you on the lighting, but all that chrome on that gigantic grill was just too much. My '04 has a charcoal grill with a chome surround. It's an XLT and IIRC, the Lariat had the same grill. Speaking of lighting...somebody needs to talk to GM about their '20 models. OMG...talk about being blinded by the light. It's like they project right into your eyes on a two lane. I've noticed this several times with different trucks. If it blinds me in my tractor trailer; what about the poor schmuck in a Mustang?
  5. I like the nose of the '20 better than the '17-'19. I've thought the front design of the '08 & up got more gawdy as they progressed. Good to see them tone it down a little.
  6. 351cid

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    Did not know that. How is it Ford's "improved designs" are taking near bullit proof componets & making them crap?
  7. My son tells me that the Roanoke shop has yet to get one of the GM Cornbinders.
  8. 351cid

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    I have a 2013 2.0L EB in my wife's Fusion. We've got 121K miles. When I did the 100K service, the coolant was down about 4-6 oz from the factory fill line. I'd say at 47k, you're out of the danger zone.
  9. Fifteen recalls on our 2013 Fusion plus 6 different visits for warranty repair outside of those. We are very familiar with Tracy & Kelly at our local Ford dealer. They're a very good Ford service dept as well.
  10. 87 T-Bird Turbo Coupe come to mind?
  11. I had a 1985 Ford F-150 Lariet Explorer that I bought new in October 1984.
  12. I'm in the group that says "It's not bad looking, but the generation before it was better". Kinda like the 1994-1998 modified Fox. It's not my favorite, but it's ok. The Edge model (1999-2004) was better....the 2005-2014 was awesome and just got better as time passed on. I don't trust that Ford will keep the Mustang coupe around.
  13. Two things in my opinion. 1) With the Camaro being phased out, Ford doesn't feel the pressure to keep it fresh and... 2) Ford will let it wither on the vine like they are so infamous for. "See...the Mustang coupe no longer sells. We were so brilliant for making the electric crossover thing."
  14. That's why my '13 still lives @ my house. When I bought it in 2015, I liked that body style more than the current car. Still do. It's not that I don't like the current car, I just like mine better.
  15. So far Hackett & Co are 0 for two. Now they just need to screw up the F-150 to achieve the trifecta of clusterf#ck.