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  1. 351cid

    No Escape ST planned

    Not sure how that atrocity (Escape) could be made to look "Macho" or "high performance" with out looking like that car from Cars movies. This current management team doesn't want to sell "afforable" vehicles right now. They are only concerned with "how much can we make right now". When the future arrives with different tastes, they will scramble to react. This current philosophy is very short term gain biased. Saddens me that this is what the once mighty Ford Motor Company has become.
  2. I still can't warm up to this being called a Mustang. I'm just a lost cause, I guess. Oh well.
  3. Seriously...my brain picked up that the 67 was off a little bit...but didn't immediately pick up on it. Both cars are awesome. I've had this silly thought of trying to pick up a 69 fastback and mimmick my 13 with it. Alas; too many projects ahead of that for the number of years I have left.
  4. My dad drove a 75 International Transtar II that was yellow with brown & orange stripes....ugh.
  5. I disagree with your opinion.
  6. That's the one I've never forgiven them for. I don't like tbe four door, but oh well.
  7. For the record; I've not talked with anyone who thinks the Mach E name was a good idea. Most people say something along the lines of "That's not a Mustang, it's a crossover". Of course it could be because of the knuckle dragging, toothless hillbilly circle I run with.
  8. I was too young to care with that one. My mother had that exact car (color & all). I thought the suicide doors were cool.
  9. I have no issue with the Bronco and agree that it's the same type of vehicle except for size. Same for the Transit van series. Had the Mach-E been an electric two door fastback coupe, I'd been ok with that too. I take issue with it being a 4 door crossover. Another name would have been better received by those of us that are traditionalist.
  10. In my opinion; when you change a vehicle name to a brand, it dilutes the name. Case in point; Mustang. When I hear someone say they own a Mustang, I envision a sporty 2 door coupe or fastback. That is no longer the case with that new 4 door, crossover, electric "Mustang" thing. Archaic as I may be, this is my opinion, and I don't seem to think it will change anytime soon. I've still not forgiven Chysler for the injustice they commited against the Charger name.
  11. Either way; I don't care for it.
  12. Hey...they're doing it with the Mustang.
  13. Introduce the NG Ranger as Ranger F-100 and this new truck as the new Ranger Sport. It will be closer to the '83 truck in size. I know this wouldn't happen and might confuse people about names; but the presidence was set with the 2008 Five Hundred being renamed Taurus.
  14. Well....I ordered the retro-fit strut kit for my 'Stang and adapted that kit to fit the wife's Fusion. Didn't care for the rod on either. But I'm kinda OCD (which can be an expensive phycological disorder ).