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  1. Hootsjxn

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    My office building sits off Interstate 94 west of Ann Arbor.... So I see car haulers throughout the day... Have been seeing many many haulers with 2020 explorers for weeks... This morning as I was walking in I saw my first hauler of Aviators go by... there are on the move!!
  2. Hootsjxn

    Continental Delivery Delayed

    It was worth the wait... arrived Monday.
  3. Hootsjxn

    Clay Bar Recommendations

    My new continental finally arrived Monday. Washed it today. Used Griots clay bar and after that Wolfgang 3.0 sealant. Can’t say enough about Wolfgang sealant.
  4. Hootsjxn

    Clay Bar Recommendations

    Well played 😂
  5. Hootsjxn

    Clay Bar Recommendations

    I’ve used both mothers and griots. I prefer mother’s. I used griots last week on my new nautilus and it was much messier than mothers. Very sticky and goopy... I kept spaying it to keep it slick but it was pretty messy. It worked fine but mother’s is easier to work with... -perhaps I got a bad batch.
  6. Hootsjxn

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    I was curious because the schedule above mentions no OKTB for mustang and but not aviator...this was the first schedule that didn’t mention OKTB hold for aviator.
  7. Hootsjxn

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Has the Aviator achieved OKTB?
  8. As promised retail orders are being scheduled today. Received my VIN this am. Placed order on 5/7. Scheduled build day is 8/12
  9. I ordered a Reserve AWD in early March. Said it would be delivered by today... Car left production and went to Cassens Transport yard 10 days ago... just received notice today that delivery has been postponed for 20 days... any thoughts on what might be going on? My dealer is 70 miles or so from the Cassens yard in detroit.
  10. Hootsjxn

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I don’t think I’ll see mine before late July.
  11. Hootsjxn

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Burgundy Velvet with Sandstone
  12. Hootsjxn

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Congratulations! I just ordered mine today!
  13. I’ve had similar experiences with my Lincoln & Ford Dealer... I am going to buy my next Lincoln from a Lincoln Only dealer and have it serviced locally at my ford/Lincoln dealer