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  1. (Sorry.... I clicked enter before filling out the full message  previously)


    I bought a F-150 Lariat Hybrid.  (my first Ford) in Jan 13.   I see my dealer put a priority code of 80.


    Just wondering if you might suggest a delivery month?  Any hitches to the production line on this truck at this point?   I can't hardly wait !!


    Scott  in Maricopa, AZ

    1. akirby


      Hey Scott - can't help with wait times but it's normally about 6 weeks.  Might be longer due to microchip shortages that are affecting all mfrs.


      I can tell you that you need to go back to your dealer and check your priority code.  80 is the absolute worst.  All retail (sold) orders are supposed to be 10-19 with 10 being the best.  Dealer stock starts at 20.  It doesn't matter if yours is 10 or 19 as long as they're all the same in which case they get allocated based on order date.   But if yours was 19 and 2 weeks from now they put in a new order at 18 then the new order gets built first.


      Good luck.

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  2. Good Morning akirby, do you still do vehicle order checks for people? I have a new order out that I would like a status check thanks Jack


    1. akirby


      Sorry I’ve never done that.  There is a vehicle tracking forum under the employee section but you must follow the rules exactly.

  3. where is the 2020 Edge Order Guide

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