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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. https://youtu.be/MDGfwYM_wgM
  2. markfnc

    2017 Escape Headlights quit working

    It was the plastic piece that the bulb plugs into, both had gone bad. Local Ford service fixed, and at the same time they fixed a recall on transmission linkage (?). I had got that letter, but it said parts were not in yet. Parts had just come in, but letters hadn't gone out yet. That was great, as it saves me a 2nd trip to do that. Great service. Crossroads Ford Apex, NC.
  3. markfnc

    2017 Escape Headlights quit working

    Dropping off today at local Ford dealer for diagnostic. By the way this is the for dealer in Cary/Apex NC that at a point had the largest indoor show room. It might still be. It used to have over + 100 cars inside, on Friday at had 10. If i would have been there to buy a car, it would have been a sad situation.
  4. bulbs are not the issue. small light on dash that shows lights are on, says they are on. what is going on?
  5. i listen to am in morning for live traffic. What can it cost to have am radio? id still like a cd option. my 2017 escape has a cd player.
  6. Sad that Ford has good cars people want, Bronco, Bronco Sport, Maverick and of course Explorer, F150, Super duty, and they cant get them to the lots for reason after reason. My local Ford dealers lots are still basically empty.
  7. markfnc

    2023 F-150 Order Guide

    Ford Halts Some Deliveries After Running Out of Blue Badges: Report (businessinsider.com) what in the world?
  8. markfnc

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    Too bad to have a vehicle people want to buy, and you cant find a way to build them . Say Goodbye to the 2023 Ford Maverick (msn.com)
  9. Looking to replace 2007 Explorer with 262,000 miles. Which Explorer engine/trans combo is the best to look for? looking for one with under 40K miles.
  10. Update. I still have the 2007 Eddie Bauer. it just passed 260,000 miles. I drove it from 2007 to 2015 daily, then just weekends from 2015-17 when my son turned 16 (in 2017) and started using it for HS. He is still driving it in college. This summer he had an internship in Texas, so him and I drove from NC to Texas then i flew back in May, then did the reverse in Aug, last weekend. No issues, ran smooth still. Leather seats are in good shape, no tears. a few minor plastic pieces have broke over the years, (the sun glass holder, the knob for rear air). I had transmission work done at 175,000 miles. considering its never been kept in the garage paint still looks good. Plastic at top of door/bottom of window is faded. Recent picture on the way to Texas in May.
  11. markfnc

    Chip Hold

    When will dealer lots get back to normal. I'm in NC the dealer that used to have 100's of vehicles in stock still has like 50. the smaller dealer that had 50, has 10. just empty lots. It seems like any delays in chips could have been overcome by now.
  12. Wasn't the Ford 500 (that replaced Taurus, then later renamed Taurus) marketed as being a high sitting sedan?
  13. markfnc

    2023 F-150 Heritage Edition

    Red with white middle, always liked that 2 tone
  14. I like the upgrade. I have a 2017 and haven't cared for the new design. Thought the 2020 escape should have been the updated 4 door hatch focus, and the small bronco had been the new escape.
  15. When i 1st read this i thought you said 'Granada". LOL. which is also a Ford name