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  1. forddaughter

    2020 Ford Retiree Health Plan Options

    Update: We received our enrollment confirmation papers in the mail. We are still only paying $34 a month for family.
  2. forddaughter

    2020 Ford Retiree Health Plan Options

    So how are we supposed to know what we are going to pay in 2020?? We called and picked one of the two plans listed on the website, but are not sure what it will be costing us.
  3. forddaughter

    2020 Ford Retiree Health Plan Options

    The 2020 Benefits Highlights say one cost, but when you go to reenroll on the website, it says totally different and much higher costs. It's very confusing.
  4. forddaughter

    AWS (Alternative Work Schedule) for Skilled Trades

    My dad seems to think the paycheck will be for 52 hours every week. So there is overtime??
  5. forddaughter

    $10,000 by December Guaranteed

    No matter how/when you get the money it will be taxed!
  6. forddaughter

    What is happening in Sandusky

    I've heard two things, one, Ford employees must transfer to a Ford plant. The other is $38 miilion dollars from Ford to be given to the Sandusky plant for maintenance. So who knows. Just don't count on staying in Ohio if you are a Ford employee at the plant. Walton Hills is closing and an article that I read said that noone will be able to stay in Ohio from that plant. They will have to go out of state for a job at another plant.
  7. There was a supply issue wirh parts. Reason why the Cruze is out selling the Focus and a few other cars.
  8. forddaughter

    UAW & GM have a tentative agreement!

  9. forddaughter

    UAW & GM have a tentative agreement!

    And better health benefits, which we all know is hard to come by.
  10. forddaughter

    UAW & GM have a tentative agreement!

    Some details. http://www.detnews.com/article/20110917/AUTO01/109170400/UAW-workers-to-get-$5K-contract-signing-bonus
  11. http://morningjournal.com/articles/2011/09/16/news/doc4e72aa55a8730607434964.txt
  12. forddaughter


    Yes, it was in my paper here yesterday. Wages are a huge issue.
  13. Can someone negotiate on behalf of the retirees a different vision place? SVS is a pain in the butt and that's all that the insurance will cover. Which isn't much BTW anyways!
  14. forddaughter

    Chevy Impala owners file class-action suit against GM

    I just heard my dad saying two people had told him they hate the Impala. They can't see out of it the headrest blocks the view.