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  1. Same boat for me...got my reservation in around 9:30.
  2. I'm an Area 51 order holder. I saw one in person at the OKC auto show last week and definitely made the right call. Cool color. Though that Antimatter Blue is pretty sweet too.
  3. ffdemoss

    Bronco Price Gouging?

    I don't think it's a CF...i think Ford's main goal was protect your reservation spot at your dealer. It doesn't mean your spot is nationally protected because of the allocation. I guess you could play the allocation game and shop your reservation and try to predict your place in line but with restrictions on certain options, that would be impossible. If you review a dealers order history over on 6G, you'll see there's a lot waiting until 2022 anyways hoping for a specific option or color. I still think you could be bumped even if you've placed your order already if someone transfers to your dealer with a better reservation date and low restriction build...at least until March 19th.
  4. ffdemoss

    Bronco Price Gouging?

    It's my understanding that no allotments are made until after March 19th...change your dealer March 18th and your place in line is saved...regardless of how many orders are already in there. You could literally cut to the front if you ordered something with no availability restrictions.
  5. ffdemoss

    Bronco Price Gouging?

    While I agree nothing is ever as easy as it seems, I have it in writing and signed. Considering the number of people that are using this dealer over on 6G forum they'd have enough lawsuits to put them out of business. And they've been pretty transparent about their deal and pretty open on that forum promoting it and another deal that is $2000 below invoice. I also know Ford will penalize a dealer for not selling the Bronco to the reservation holder so they have some stake to follow through.
  6. ffdemoss

    Bronco Price Gouging?

    I changed dealers, kept my place in line and saved $3000. Sure, I have to drive 6 hours to pick it up but no way I was paying over MSRP. Oh, I paid (or will pay) under invoice...and there are plenty of deals out there all around the country at either MSRP or below.
  7. Safe to assume that HD Vinyl is all you get on Badlands? I knew cooled seats was a stretch but it doesn't appear leather is an option...
  8. ffdemoss

    2.7L oil pan leaks

    Does anyone have a copy of the TSB?
  9. My company uses Tacomas as fleet vehicles. They are expensive and it requires us to get the SR5 to get the tow package. We are already reviewing if a Ranger will work because of our CPA dollars from Ford. I priced a 4x2 XL with tow package and the MSRP alone is about $2k less than we pay today for Tacomas and I would think our CPA dollars will be about $3000...and we usually get that off invoice. We look to save about $5-6K. However, we do sell Tacomas with 300K miles at $7500...not sure if we can do that with Rangers. We'll see. As a side note...I am currently in a Fusion Titanium and priced a XLT Sport Ranger to replace it...hate the ground clearance of the Fusion when driving interstate highways. Too many obstacles to run over.
  10. Can anyone tell me what the disclaimers are for this incentive? Trying to figure out if any Ford vehicle owned works with this or just if you own an F-series. Thanks.
  11. Has anyone figured out where to get window sticker? I need to know what the MSRP of my car was when I bought it for my company's mileage reimbursement plan and I don't have the window sticker or the MSRP. Any help is appreciated.
  12. ffdemoss

    2013 Ford Escape Recalled for 7th Time

    I read the supplement to the recall and it appears to be some type of water diversion valve, shielding and new oil dipstick. There are attachments to explain installation that I have not seen, but the supplement says it is a complex repair. 5 hours allotted by Ford, which probably really means 8. They will pay for 2 days rental.