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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The problem with these "rumours" is there's no mention of the strings attached by the goevrnment. We all remembered about the bullshit about the "economic footprint" that was supposed to be maintained, but in reality, Ford just can't handcuff itself to saying that it;s going to maintain "x" amount of employees for the next "y" many years especially when it's slashing jobs stateside.
  2. ViperPilot

    Ground clearence

    So what you're asking is, what is the clearance of your own car? You can always stack 2x4s and drive over them until you hit, that will give you a +/- 1.5" clearance number ie if you hit 3 stacked but not 2 then you are somewhere between 3" and 4.5". Likewise if you hit 4 but not 3 you are somewhere between 4.5" and 6" Or you can just get out a tape measure and measure it like normal people do. :shades:
  3. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Unfortunately the only person that has the ability to do anything is your dealer. Sorry
  4. ViperPilot

    2011 Focus at Dealers

    Sorry, in case you're unaware, the Fiesta is now the new entry-level car. Expect the Focus to become more expensive with the new model, not less. Remember people used to pooh-pooh Ford's sale figures because so much of their sales were to fleet? Ford's days of fire-saling cars are over. Thank god.
  5. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Thanks, I'm on TMS already, and you know me, just not as VP. I would buy in the US but seeing as I have only $10G cash plus my car I'd still be financing $30G. Being a Canadian resident you can't finance through US Ford Motor Credit, and when you consider the 7% cost of borrowing it would erode most of what you would save. As an A-Planner it would be smarter to just wait until the 0% financing comes out. Montreal Ponies saved more because he doesn't have the A-Plan discount to start from.
  6. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Thanks, and no I'm ordering mine in Jan-Feb so it'll be a 2012. I'm hoping they will shrink the $7000 spread between the US/Canadian price for the same car some by then.
  7. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Sorry, it's the best I can do from home, my out of plant resources are limited. I'm on vacation this week. But if it's any consolation I have a valuable USPS package that has disappeared into customs for 2 days now and I think they're doing it intentionally. :^x
  8. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    In Transit Shipped Rail - Railcar # ETTX907068 (Ferrocarril Mexicano S.a. De C.v. ) Ramp 54, Hermosillo Asy, SO Jul-07-2010, 16:00 MT D Ham<snip> Dealer: T<snip>e R<snip>, Inc 2060 <snip>, C<snip>, CA , 926<snip> , (949).<snip> And maybe your Mexican is better than mine: Inicial y número : ETTX907068 Tipo:PLATAFORMAS-ARMAZON 3 NIV/AUTO C/V: C Eventos: SALIDA DE TREN Ciudad:CARBO Estado: SONORA Fecha: 8 DE JULIO Hora: 13:29 Observaciones: EDI-1 Surprised that you ordered with only a 40 priority code. If you need any of this info removed, respond as such. PS: You want to track it yourself check here: http://www.ferromex.com.mx/eFerromex/consultas/carros/ConsultaCarros.do
  9. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    It is, But we're talking about the X-Plan, where in order to get a PIN you need to provide the info to Ford.
  10. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Dean, what I meant about "dealers competing," etc. is that dealers don't want other dealers knowing what another's orders are; which is why the system is segregated. Ford corporate doesn't have the same agenda and can therefore leave the system more open. That information is in the system, it isn't on the sticker. For obvious reasons; that window sticker is viewed by many people between production and delivery. Anyone can reverse-lookup a phone number and find the adress of the customer,so this does become a privacy issue.
  11. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Remember when I mentioned that dealers compete against each other but Ford corporate employees are working toward the same goal?
  12. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    lol Detailed or not, it looks like his dealer can't even provide THAT much information which is why he's been coming here.... I'm not defending the VV system, I'm pointing out the fact that dealers still can't/won't seem to use it.
  13. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    This is what was PMd to you. What don't you understand? If you don't want to believe it, that's OK. Stop asking.
  14. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Sure, that is the "obvious" course of action to someone "in the field" but it's not as "obvious" to the masses that aren't. When a person buys a house, they have to get a lawyer familiar with "real estate law" to make sure that the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. For those not familiar with "the car ordering process" do you suggest that they take all the paperwork to a lawyer before signing it? It would be a sad day when an average Joe would need to hire a lawyer to buy a car. Because that means that we can't take a dealer's word and handshake at face value anymore. I'm sorry, Dean. Putting the onus solely on the customer for a new car dealer's misdeeds doesn't help your cause. Ordering and receiving a car should be a pretty straightforward process from a customer's point of view. Nobody should expect a car ordered for them with a deposit to be sold off to another customer because the dealer gets offered more money. It's just unethical.
  15. ViperPilot

    I am a Camaro Owner

    Your car the car arrived at the dealer yesterday.