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  1. sd350

    2023 Super Duty Owner's Manuals Up

    can one order a printed copy ? That's a lot to print or sit at the computer & read
  2. sd350

    Truck rolling when in Park

    E-brake or not it shouldn't roll that much & I mean not much like a 2/8 of an " after it stops I would make a service appointment either way not safe. I am in MA & yes I have watched cars in a lot across from me in the winter when ice & snow has been on the ground & seen them move slowly a good cars length or more that's understandable, just by parking it in a normal way it shouldn't roll just my opinion
  3. sd350

    Buzzing steering wheel ??

    Hi ! Not trying to be a smart _ _ _ but think of something that might vibrate @ or around that speed that is giving you some feedback harmonic if that's the correct word, just an idea
  4. sd350

    Show me your tints

    What is a WT plate? In MA you can tint the front windows you just can't go above a certain % of tint & no tint below the AS1 line
  5. sd350

    Windshield inside piece

    It is part of the dash to keep the windshield from having a space between the 2, it also keeps the windshield tight in some spots. It looks twisted, I would turn the defrost on high & see if it will set back down even with the dash, don't use a sharp tool you might scratch to get a creak in the glass. My 14 has it & it was somewhat the same way not as bad & I just waited for a hot day pulled it back just a little & pushed it back in straight hasn't moved since
  6. sd350

    2022 F250 Sag

    Swamp They all sag with the plow on one would think they wouldn`t but they do. I have always added the 2.5 ready lift & a 3'' rear block has made a big difference for me, I find it a big help, but yes it still sags a little. One would think the front camera would shut off once you plugged in the plow almost like the plow lights switching from the truck to the plow. Did you ask if such an option is available from the plow manufacturer? I have thought about that with the 23 with the front sensors in the bumper haven't looked close to that option since I only order an XLT. Have you let some air out of the tires mine works great that way on my 14 it didn't have the sway bar in the rear so it was all over the place with the plow but once I put one on it was a night & day difference. I know you said you have been plowing before but did you try adding some ballast in the back if I get some sand in the bed that also makes a big difference. I had a 22 ordered & when it came in it was missing the rear locking axle & after 3 trucks with it, I didn't want to take the truck without it just because I have never gotten stuck or lost traction in the rear end with the locking setup. The dealer tried telling me I wouldn't notice any difference without it, I told him it's too much money for an almost sure it would be OK. They didn't like it, but it should be part of the plow PKG in my own opinion just like for years they should have had the rear defrost even on a reg cab, If you have never plowed you don't understand that the rear window still fogs or blowing snow builds up. Chevy has always had a rear defrost & they swear by it.
  7. sd350

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I ordered an F-350 reg cab 8' bed single rear wheel gas XLT locking rear, snowplow/camper pkg, LED bed lights duel batteries heavy duty alternators rear defrost & upgraded radio with nav sync 4, bliss system & backup sensors. I got we received the order just the other day we didn't forget about you we are waiting on supply chain shipments. I thought that XLTs were going to be one of the 1st ones being scheduled & built & even though it would have been a short wait since it's a pretty basic order just the standard XLT pkg & upgraded radio. everything else should be already on hand one would think but not a word. We will keep you updated every 45 days!
  8. sd350

    6.2 Gas Block Heater Location

    Very interesting ! It must have been hidden well, they are usually effortless to see or find @ least on the diesel but pleasing to know. I am in MA & never seen 1 on a gas engine Thanks!
  9. sd350

    6.2 Gas Block Heater Location

    Where was it never heard of one on the ford gas engines always knew of the diesel having one!
  10. sd350

    If 4 gig is removed

    Yes sorry, for that I am talking about the Hotspot that's the one they give you the credit for on the sticker. So it looks like then you can add the remote start without any problem from what I have seen & read with the help of you all letting me know that one doesn't affect the other. the only reason I ask is that was left off my order so I will need to add the remote start once you have that you can't let it go especially when you plow & want the truck warm defrosting before you leave the house in the snow.
  11. sd350

    Tire Size on OEM Rims

    Thank You all, This is why I asked all of you for the best info out there. I just never could get the tire sizes straight I don't want to put myself or anyone else in danger so I appreciate everyone's help! I am aware some places will just put any size on to make a sale!
  12. sd350

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    art_vandelay That is a very sharp-looking truck, the same color I ordered on an XLT reg cab. What size tire do you have on there & are those the factory rims, if not what brand & size are they? That's the look I would like on mine 😉
  13. With Ford leaving out the 4 gig setup because of chip holdup can you still add the remote start kit from Ford part # KN1Z-19A361-A, also if you have the flip key with the horn symbol does it still have the alarm from the factory, or is that the only remote they have, truck still not in.
  14. sd350

    Tire Size on OEM Rims

    Thank You ! Someone said that the OEM rims are 8" with but what I see it says they are 9" in with, So does that also mean that the tremor rims are also 9" and are the same ones that are on an XLT but just painted black? that's what it looks like with all the trucks I have seen & the 1 on the lot that just came in for someone are the same.
  15. I am having a hard time with tire size, I would like to put a BF Goodrich AT 35x12.5R 18 LT on the factory rims, I am waiting on my 22 F-350 XLT Reg Cab 8' bed from what I can see it looks like that is the size on the tremor Pkg. with the same rim just painted black, I have a 2.5'' ready lift kit for the front with the plow Pkg has anyone done this or understands tire sizes better than me, any rubbing problems. Thank You