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  1. Has anyone had a concrete solution to this? Very frustrating.. I have owned many expeditions, and this problem seems to get worse with every new one. 2016 steering wheel telescoped flawlessly, didn't come out once or twice a year and had to hit memory 1 button to make it telescope out. 2019 steering wheel often did not telescope about 1/10 starts had to hit memory 1 button - dealer replaced steering column not once but twice! (not sure why as I would not think it had anything to do with the physical column) I gave up complaining about it. 2022 steering wheel does not telescope 1/2 or 1/3 tries absolutely ridiculous for this price of truck. Dealer has replaced seat control module (no difference), then replaced body control module BCM. I picked it up and it worked 4 times in a row and then again failed and now does not come out about 1/3 1/4 starts. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS?? I am at my wits end with this, how hard can it be to make this work properly? I wish I had access to parts and ford tech support I am sure I could get this working somehow. Does anyone know what other modules are involved in making the steering wheel telescope back out to the previous setting? What drives me crazy is that it worked almost perfectly on my 2016 but has progressively gotten worse on future models. I have asked about this on other forums and it doesn't seem many people experience this? I was happy to find this post and see that I am not the only one who has had this issue. Very odd and frustrating.
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    Amazing that cheap aluminum siding on a house doesn't have these problems, but an expensive SUV does..
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    I just booked my 2016 in to get the hood and tailgate repainted, have had it exactly 2 years and noticed it in the summer and getting much worse now. All 4 of my Expeditions have had this happen and whenever I see a used one drive by I take a look and sure enough today I saw a white one with paint peeling around the tailgate handles and the chrome trim piece. Not sure how some of you can say it's not a big problem. I have just accepted it's part of owning one but I hope they have solved this for 2018 because the whole damn thing is aluminum.
  4. rjd75

    2018 wheels

    I am guessing the wheels from F150 and previous Expeditions will fit as it is based on the F150. I have a set of 20" painted rims from the F150 sport with the long skinny spokes on my 2016 and I left the sensors in them assuming that these will work with the 2018 when I get one. One thing I am hopeful for is that the rear axle does not have the threaded shaft that protrudes too far in to some rims. On my 2016 I have to pop the center caps on these rims or they wont fit. I would look online for a set of 20" or 22" ford oem f150 wheels. I had the 17" for a few years and got tired of having my truck look like crap for half the year and bought the 20s.
  5. rjd75

    2018 Expedition Production Information

    I was surprised to see one going down the highway in the opposite direction yesterday. Definitely a White 2018. I am especially surprised because I am in Toronto, Canada. Given the production dates I am seeing in this thread, I am guessing it is some media evaluation vehicle or something along those lines?
  6. I second this suggestion, I had neoforms on my 07 expedition and they are hands down the best wipers I ever had.. NO comparison to the stock junk. Sadly I forgot to take them off before I returned the vehicle so now I will have to buy new one for my '10.
  7. I am hoping someone here can answer my question, I placed a factory order a few months back.. I was scheduled to return my 07 expy on May 23rd but the dealer is now telling me my 2010 will be built the week of May 17th. How long typically before it will reach the dealer? I am in Toronto so quite a way from Kentucky.