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  1. According to car and driver, 18 miles is what we will get. Thoughts? I guess they’re not shipping these to china? https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a28694132/lincoln-aviator-plug-in-hybrid-more-horsepower/
  2. Anyone have thoughts of whether the aviator will qualify as clean air vehicle in California and be eligible for carpool lane stickers?
  3. Hi - we have had our 2009 FEHL FWD since December 08. Really enjoying it especially now in the summer we're getting 33-34 mpg. One of the issues we're getting though is that there is a rattling/vibrating noise that comes from the rear right corner of the car when we go over bumps. We've never heard this noise on the expressway. It tends to happen when we drive under 50mph, and especially noticeable when we're in EV mode. But I can't decide if it's just more noticeable because the EV mode is so quiet, or if it really is louder. At first we thought it may be the bumper so we added some cardboards in gaps that we thought were possibly making noises when bumping together. But that didn't help. Also brought it to the dealership but of course they weren't able to recreate the noise when they had it. Is anyone else having this problem? The noise seems to be progressing and we would really like to get this fixed. Any advice/input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. alfredck

    3000 tax credit qualifications ?

    The new form 8910 has just been released. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8910.pdf Should be able to e-file now as long as you've received the most recent tax update.
  5. alfredck

    Ambient Lighting Option, Mariner vs. Escape

    Just thought you might want to know that the ambient lighting is available on the Ford Escape. I have a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid Limited and the ambient lighting comes standard.
  6. I agree completely! I don't like the fact that they combined the monitor with the navigation system. It's just not acceptable that the Prius, at a lower cost, would offer the monitor and not the FEHL for $30K+. And the text based gauges are just not very impressive... why can't ford just come up with a text screen that has better font or looks smarter than what the taurus had in the late 90s? I'm glad to see that Ford has a lot of progress in its products in the last few years, but they sure have long ways to go. I complain but I'm still waitlisting...
  7. Thanks for sharing the pic - really good to know that the tachometer drops below 0. I am in the same boat with neuroboy - it looks like a really really nice navigation system but I just can't justify the cost. Especially since we're all buying it instead of leasing.
  8. As far as I know all 2009 FEH come with the new Ford Sync technology, which includes a bluetooth phone hookup among other things. No backup camera, but backup sensors are included in the Limited package.
  9. Hi everyone. I'm a new member and have been reading some of the posts on here for a week or 2 now. I ordered the 2009 FEHL in early June but have yet to receive a VIN. My question is about the Energy Flow Monitor. I know that the Navigation System is highly praised but I really would prefer to not dish out $2000 for it. And I have been okay with that thought mostly because I have a GPS system on my phone that does most things that the Ford Nav would do, except of course the Energy Flow Monitor... How essential is the Energy Flow Monitor? How do you know if you're on gas or electric without the Energy Flow Monitor? I've read before that there is an instantenous MPG gauge under the speedometer. I happen to have rented an 08 Escape (gas) this week, and it does have an MPG gauge, but it was highly disappointing. All it was was a gauge that consists of 5 bars, and when I use the cruise control on the freeway it was almost always at the 5 bars. Is this the same gauge that Escape Hybrids have? I certainly hope not... If 5 bars indicate an average of 25MPG, then I'm very concerned that it's not going to give me an accurate reflection whether the car is using gas or electric... And I know that I can probably buy an aftermarket gauge reader, but I just wonder what the OEM products offer... Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!