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  1. Don't laugh, this is the going to be the joint statement from Union and company right around July shutdown
  2. Dork271

    Buyouts - Early Seperation Packages

    Heard at my building they are bringing back the education buyout .
  3. Dork271

    Jimmy Settles

    Allegedly being a skilled trade lolololol
  4. Dork271


    When you become trades? Gotta call bula on that
  5. Dork271

    Dip TLO

    Never heard of any tlo, only the planned downtime in september. Care to elaborate?
  6. Dork271

    Joe Bush Local 600 Trades Committee

    Are you still asking for fake employees on your radio Eric? Btw there are already vandals defacing the ballot samples in the break rooms see for yourself.
  7. Dork271

    Joe Bush Local 600 Trades Committee

    Eric, maybe you can pull some strings and bring moonshine to the party. That would be fun
  8. Dork271

    Joe Bush Local 600 Trades Committee

    Joe is a straight to the point guy. I would vote for him if I could vote. Hey eric you guys still having fight night at the dump?
  9. Dork271

    Mustang moving to Chicago in 2015?

    Sorry i made fun of your boyfriends post Twincam, but plaese admit dckers post was lame
  10. Just be greatful when you get laid off from your trade, you can come back to production, and make 90% of what you did when you did nothing.
  11. Hey St Thomas Employees, have you workers recieved a list of down weeks for this year by any chance? Im just curious because i work at dearborn frame and the rumour over there is you guys will be down a week a month for the balance of the year. Just trying to get a heads up on all this downtime. Thanks Go Leafs!
  12. Dork271

    A Way Ford Could Save the Economy.

    it sounds warm and fuzzy but modern economics would not even consider it. Their risk of being to forced to pay you guaranteed money in return for a car probably not worth the risk for ford. whats more likely to happen is extended layoffs to absorb ur sub time and then you get only ui benefits. No way in hell im buying a Ford anymore. BTW hanks wage was $5 a day from what ive read.
  13. Dork271

    Bankruptcy won’t solve automakers’ woes

    Whats wrong with these people is they hate you and i because we belong to a union that backs us up (in some cases) and we get paid a living wage. i talked to a douchebag this weekend who bitched and moaned about how much we make and what we do. And this jackass was a union pipefitter. Too much hatred and misery loves company. Until were all paid minimum wage, most everyone will hate you for what you stand for, and you can forget about them supporting you.
  14. Dork271

    Don't call it a comeback

    The same cave you live in hot shot. Only recently did the cars produced by Ford become world class. How can Ford or any Detroit automaker "destroy" the competition ,when trade policies hinder them? How long has Ford had equal or better quality than the Asian autos? decades? no just very recently. Take the Blue oval blinders off and see what the reat of the world sees. The days of 30 percent market share for Ford are long gone and sub standard cars will not sell. Changing their STRATEGY to building the best in class cars will offer a better chance of survival than your lame rah rah destroy the competition banter.
  15. Dork271

    Don't call it a comeback

    In my opinion this strategy will have little effect, but will make american based automakers and their workers look ignorant. Ford seems to be on the right path by making the best pickup trucks and just released the best tested hybrids. Strong arming someone to purchase american 3 cars by threats of damage,or violence, will only harden the stance of them fence sitters who have no brand loyalities. The only foreign auto buyers i get angry with are the elderly whos fathers, mothers, husbands or wives probably had a hand ,back in the day defeating the tyrants from the far east and europe. Seems like to win the battle of perception, it must be done in the media and Ford is doing their part by backing up words with product.