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  1. FossilFuelBurner1

    2021 Expedition Production Information

    Any idea when the Build/Price feature for the 21 might show up on the Ford website?
  2. FossilFuelBurner1

    2021 Expedition Production Information

    Does this mean production begins 11-30?
  3. FossilFuelBurner1

    2021 Expedition Production Information

    Haven't reviewed it yet but not good! Ford took out so many good features on the 2020 XLT 202A compared with the 18/19 that my employees had grown accustomed to. It didn't make sense to me why drivers auto dim mirror, rain sense wipers, power adjustable pedals, ambient lighting were dropped on the MY20 even with the 202A. Plus speaker count was decreased to six from nine. Some bean counter thought this was a good idea no doubt. Raise the package price! Keep the features.
  4. FossilFuelBurner1

    2021 Expedition Production Information

    Excellent & thank you. I saw the Kodiak Brown is coming back. Very nice especially on the KR
  5. FossilFuelBurner1

    2021 Expedition Production Information

    Any possibility the order guide will be available sooner?
  6. FossilFuelBurner1

    2020 Expedition Order Guide

    Thanks for posting the order guide. Very helpful. Also noticed that compared to MY19 the XLT for 20 gets a bit of a downgrade even with 202A. No drivers auto dimming mirror, no ambient lighting & no rain sensing wipers. Plus the speaker count has been reduced from nine to six. Those features made the XLT a very attractive package.
  7. FossilFuelBurner1

    2020 Expedition Order Guide

    Have purchased 3 KR trims I've held off hoping it would be back. My only gripe is looks like the only choice will be 22" wheels with the pano roof. Both I can do without. Wish Ford would allow customers more stand alone option choices.
  8. FossilFuelBurner1

    RR Load Level Suspension

    I have two choices at my local dealer for a new Expy EL. One has rear LL and the other one doesn't. I've always had the option on my other Expys and although I don't tow anything it seemed to make a difference when loading up the 5 kids, luggage and the roof rack. The color I really like is of course the one without the rear LL. Having had it on the other Expys would it be noticable from a performance standpoint if I didn't get it this time? Is there a load amount where the standard suspension begins to sink? I don't want to have that feel of going to the moon but maybe it wouldn't make a real differance. Any mechanics or engineers that could comment? Thanks for any input.
  9. FossilFuelBurner1

    Thoughts on 2010 Expedition Ltd

    As someone who is awaiting a 3rd Expedition EL, it completely blows away the competition. Both my wife and I use to drive Suburbans and i always preferred the Expedition but needed the extra room for both work and the family. When I was told Ford had gone ahead with the extended length I ordered an 07 and had to fight to keep my wife away from it. I gave in shortly thereafter ordered her an 08. Since I also run a small business I was also in the process of switching our fleet to an all Ford line. that included bringing on board an additional two EL units for other employees. Now I'm waiting on my 2010! everything about the Ford product is better. My only wish list would be a few more color offerings and power fold mirrors on the EB version.
  10. FossilFuelBurner1

    Power Running Boards

    Thanks for the input. I do need the air suspension so I decided to order an EL EB with Rapid 203A which also allowed for every option I wanted without having to include the boards. I only wish Ford would have included the power fold mirror option on the EB. It has everything else. But, I can make it work as this will be my 6th EL. "I'll never regret trading in my Suburban for this product"
  11. FossilFuelBurner1

    Power Running Boards

    I'm about ready to add another EL to the fleet. Looking over the 2010 options list for a Limited model it seems like for the option package I want there is no choice but to take the power running boards. Can anyone with the power boards offer any comments as to their performance or if you have ever had any service issues. Thanks!