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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Well it's Monday 4/11 is Flat Rock running today?
  2. OK, any idea how long this shut down will last at Flat Rock?
  3. Heard a few minutes ago it is due to the earthquake in Japan a couple weeks ago. I find it hard to believe they would still be off line, but maybe supply chain, etc. That means we've gotten only 2 weeks of Mustangs built in the last 5 weeks, and who knows when they start back up again. Arrrrrrg!
  4. https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/ford-halt-production-michigan-plant-due-chip-shortage-2022-03-31/ Says Flat Rock shutting down for next week due to a lack of chips. Anyone have anything to add, or official from Ford, how long etc.?
  5. traxiii


    LOVE IT!
  6. Chad McCumbee in the PF Racing #40 Mustang GT-4 Wins the Alan Jay Automotive Network 120 at Sebring International Raceway. Race #2 of the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge
  7. The Mustang GT4's in IMSA's Michelin Pilot Series "GS class" has been doing fairly well so far, with one Mustang leading the 4 hour race at Daytona until almost half way, before retiring with an undisclosed issue. HEADS UP: Sebring is this weekend!
  8. Two questions. Do you know if Flat Rock is back up, making Mustangs yet? On your Weekly Schedule thread, one of them shows Mustang "Clean Up Scheduling" for the week of 4/4. What exactly does this mean? My Mach1 in Eruption Green with Handling Pack, Ordered back in November, and now listed as "Unscheduled - Clean" some of what might be scheduled starting 4/4? That is, Are orders with "Unscheduled - Clean" classification, that had been on Parts or Equipment HOLD maybe getting VIN's starting that week?


  9. Just wondering if they're back to building Mustangs yet?
  10. The Ford GT was saddled with the most weight, least boost and fuel, of all the GTLM cars by the time things were done, if my memory is correct. I really hope they finally decide to jump into the GTP/LMDh wars and go back to Le Mans to win overall!
  11. traxiii

    Michelin Pilot Challenge

    Yeah, that was too bad, but bodes a little better than last years horrible results. I wasn't able to check, but was wondering if the Mustang's got a BOP boost over the off-season?
  12. traxiii

    California smog

    All I know is that the prices for replacements are double what they were 3 or 4 years ago.
  13. Finally some solid news, awesome. Too bad it's not for 2 more years. Next I want to know about LMDh! Saw this in Road&Track too. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/ford-taking-mustang-gt3-racing-150000916.html
  14. traxiii

    California smog

    My 2001 F150 5.4L has 4 Cats total, 2 in each bank. You are probably going to have to get some info from Ford, and then go to a Referee, which sucks.