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  1. traxiii

    California smog

    My 2001 F150 5.4L has 4 Cats total, 2 in each bank. You are probably going to have to get some info from Ford, and then go to a Referee, which sucks.
  2. Most all of the links in the article refer to the Australian Super Car Series Gen 3 cars, which look to be sort of based on GT3 specs, maybe? Still looking for more news on a FIA GT-3 Mustang especially an IMSA variant. I have my fingers crossed!
  3. Reminds me of the "Off Roading" thread on the f150forums.com that is half beautiful pictures of F150s in front of mountain backdrops and knuckheads with their F105s buried to their floorboards deep in mud, needing to be winched out.
  4. A Corvette fighter would have been great, even though the styling on that thing was not great. I'm sure for the time it was pretty cool, kind of like the Taurus when it came out. Everyone raved about it's aero-look styling and all, but you look back now and it is pretty tame and boxy. The GN34 sports car would have been an interesting starting point to see it evolve.
  5. traxiii

    ‘22 Mustang Scheduling Questions

    It's funny, I've heard from a couple of people "in the know" that Mach 1 orders were only limited in dealer stock orders, not in customer special orders. Some dealers were taking advantage by having employees ordering Mach 1's and then backing out when they arrived, so the dealership could sell them retail with big ADMs.
  6. traxiii

    2021 Mustang

    Somebody always seems to get it on mustang6g and of course the Marti Report. I saw an initial take rate back in spring 2021 for Mach 1 colors, and FJG was around 45%, by far the most common Mach 1 color, but not so common a Mustang color due to it's being a Mach 1 only color.
  7. traxiii

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    I believe that. They never seem to be in a hurry, but you'd think it would be up before they open for orders, not that it ever has been. Just sayin'
  8. traxiii

    ‘22 Mustang Scheduling Questions

    I already have my confirmation email from Ford and my dealership haven't seemed to have any problems getting allocations, unless you count when Ford cancelled the entire 2021 backlog not yet built, due to parts issues. The following was included in the email from Ford: Congratulations on ordering your all‑new Mustang Mach 1 Fastback! Your order has been placed with Ford Motor Company on your behalf by your dealership. Your vehicle order is one of the early orders for the 2022 Mustang Mach 1, and because we are building this vehicle just for you, we wanted to share a bit more on our production process as it may impact your delivery time. As part of the quality assurance process at Ford Motor Company, customer orders are only built when all quality checks have been met. This process may lead to longer wait time for your vehicle to be built, but is designed to help ensure your satisfaction. Throughout the production process, we will keep you updated on the status of your order. You will receive email notifications when you vehicle is: Scheduled for Production - all necessary parts are secured, and your order has been placed on the production schedule. Built - your vehicle has been built, and we will let you know of the estimated arrival date at your dealership. Shipped - your vehicle has been shipped, is on its way to your dealership, and we'll include the latest estimated arrival date.
  9. NO! My mom had a Granada, yuck! It was built on what looked like an older Mustang chassis but was a box on wheels.
  10. traxiii

    5.0 "tick"

    I've also heard the sound described as Barbecue Tick, like the sound your grill makes when you turn off the gas and the metal is cooling off.
  11. traxiii

    2022 Mustang Order Guide

    I think it's funny they changed the name of the new paint color Oil Slick Blue Purple to Mischievous Purple Metallic. I guess they thought their was something the public don't like Oil Slicks. 🤬 From the pictures I've seen it does look like that sheen and color you get with oil on water. Eruption Green is a funny name too. From the pictures I've seen it looks like the massive amounts of metal flake in the dark green will erupt in the sunlight. I ordered my 2022 Mach 1 in EG. It looks a lot like my 1967 Dark Moss Green GT390 Fastback I always loved, and wish I never sold.
  12. The current Mach 1 is a road track ace and should have taken the BOSS 302 name. The Mach 1 should have, or could be a more drag race oriented car with a super-charger and or a hybrid electric enhancement. Imagine a 250 horsepower electric motor connected in-line with a 460 horsepower Coyote V8, without the coolers, and huge brakes and other heavy stuff. Install a 9 inch rear end, lighten and massage it for pure acceleration. With the hybrid drive it might actually get 30+ mpg around town (between 1/4 mile runs).
  13. A true Full Size Bronco, based on the Raptor F150. It would be easy to do, just open the back of the cab and add a removable rear hatch/cap. Call it the Bronco Grande, (good Ford name from the past) Bronco XL. It would give Ford an awesome off road capable vehicle for the growing Overland Community.
  14. traxiii

    2 Door Lincoln Sports Car

    Never going to happen with the current leadership in DC and Dearborn, and their anti ICE stances, but I think it would sell. I think Ford missed the boat not taking an S550 chassis and modifying it into a true two seat sports car to compete against Cadillac and Mercedes. They could have called Lincoln Panther...gurr.
  15. traxiii

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Hey Ice, Any idea when the 2022 Mustang Build & Price tool will be up on ford.com???