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  1. retmustang

    2022 Edge Production Information

    Thanks for posting.
  2. retmustang

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    When Oakville resumes production after the June shutdown, will I be able to order a 2021 Edge? Any update on 2021 balance out and 2022 production? Thanks
  3. retmustang

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    Can you share when 2021 balance out is?
  4. retmustang

    2013 Ford Edge Windshield fogging issue

    I agree with TobyTime I was adding some washer fluid to my 2019 Edge and I noticed that leaves have blocked all the vents inside the hood just below the window. I am embarrassed because I know better. We haven't driven the vehicle much (surprise) and are parking it outside for the last couple of months as I am rearranging stuff in the garage (please my - person that I am living with (I have taken sensitivity training) is on my case about that.). Optimizing engine compartments (another term for stuffing as much as possible under the hood) means what used to fall through to the ground can get stuck in places. Also, the aerodynamics are optimized - that is, driving at highway speeds won't get rid of stuff as easily. One (meaning "I") can't depend on Quicklane (or your oil change service) to do the job for you. On a positive note, the Quicklane guys did fill up my washer fluid. I could tell because I use the orange stuff and they put in the blue stuff.
  5. retmustang

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    I have a 2019 Edge. The first few times I filled it, I had trouble. My problem was 50 years of driving. Stick the gas hose nozzle into the tank filler pipe and either hold the lever to fill or set the catch to fill it and let it go. The Edge fuel pipe has a capless system. At my gas station, Costco - they installed a new type of nozzle. I found that I had to push the nozzle with more force into this capless filler pipe. If I didn't maintain the pressure, the flow would shut off. It's gotten easier. But, the first few times, I was swearing under my breath. It could be worse. One of my neighbors has a Chevy Bolt (electric vehicle). Another neighbor saw smoke coming from his garage. The Bolt owner and another neighbor put the fire out. But, he could have lost his house. Electric vehicles will have issues too.
  6. retmustang

    How may 2012+ 2.0 Focus owners with 5 Speed manuals?

    mnm - enjoy your car. I like the way that my 2012 Focus SE HB with a MT drives. I am also glad that it doesn't have a turbo. But, I am an outlier. I have purchased a 1977 Mercury Monarch with a MT (1st to second shift sends the stick back practically to the back seat), a 1974 Capri with a MT, a Ford Fiesta with a MT, numerous Mustang MTs, and of course, the Aerostar MT. Kelly Blue Book predicts private sales on my 2012 Focus (non-dealer) $6-8K with an AT and slightly less (but close) for the MT (only 50K mileage). The sales from a dealer are close, but slightly less. You are correct. If the AT didn't have a problem, the resale of the MT would be a lot less. Still Ford produced only 3% with MT on regular Focus, I think. The new Bronco has a 7-speed MT option on the lower series. I was surprised to see that.
  7. retmustang

    How may 2012+ 2.0 Focus owners with 5 Speed manuals?

    I have a 2012 with a MT. As a salesman once told a friend (he was looking to buy an Aerostar with a MT), "once you drive off the lot with the car, open the window and throw thousands of dollars out of the window." There are buyers for MT, but not many. If you are not going to drive it till it breaks, you will lose 1-2000 on resale. (My guess). Depending on where you live.
  8. retmustang

    2019 Edge Titanium Lane Centering Performance

    This is interesting. A couple of weeks ago, we recently took delivery of a 2019 Edge SEL with Co-Pilot360 assist. It has lane-keeping. On a trip, I switched on the adaptive cruise control. I noticed once in a while I found myself hitting the rumble strips on the right side just over the white lane. I dismissed it as inattention or driving a new vehicle or old age. But, I never had this problem in the 2017 Escape Titanium I had previously. I drove the same route (through Canada) a couple of months ago in my 2012 Focus SE. I never hit the rumble strips. I might keep the adaptive cruise control off and see if I still have the problem. This is my wife's vehicle so I drive it infrequently mostly around town without the adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping.
  9. retmustang

    2019 FORD NESC Problems

    Haven't needed to call much since I left Ford in 2007. But, this new system is poorly designed. They make you enter a phone pin. I have requested one several times and nothing is sent. Their automated system clearly has not been benchmarked against competitive systems.