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  1. Update: I did some digging for recalls and discovered the door latch recall. I called my dealer and apparently they did the recall repair back in 2015 yet the door latch is still failing...
  2. I just went to close my front seat, driver side door and I did not get the satisfying 'latch' sound/feel. I thought something was blocking the door but then there was nothing there. I can push it shut and "lock' the car (the door thinks it's locked as indicated by the red LED) but you can simply pull open the door. You don't even need to pull the door handle. So not only can I not lock my car but this is a serious safety concern and I'm glad I discovered it while in a parking lot. I'd hate to think what would happen if a passenger pushed against the door while actually driving. Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it? I am also curious if anyone knows if this is a TSB or recall.
  3. Those seem to be considerably cheaper than other brands. Let us know how they turn out! Always interested in trying to save some money...
  4. 2013 Fusion here. At my last service Ford said my serpentine belt was starting to fray and recommended replacing it. Quote was $170. I have around 40,000 miles on the car. Questions: -What mileage did you change your belt at? Should I be waiting until its squeaking? -Is $170 a fair price for them to swap that out or am I better off going to a place other than the dealer? Thanks!
  5. I think I'm getting pretty close to needing to replace the original tires on my '13 fusion (19" rims) and wanted to see if anyone recommended tires that have been working well for them (low noise, good ride, etc.). I don't hate the original tires the car came with but I'd like to definitely upgrade from their quality. My local costco recommended: Michelin - Primacy MXM4anyone have those and like them? I appreciate any insight, thanks!
  6. For what it's worth: my windshield replacement went great and I did not have to go to the dealer for a calibration. Safelite installed an OEM windshield from Ford. Lane departure, and all of the other driver assist package features work great. So sounds like YMMV for whether you need the calibration or not (unless it had something to do with getting an OEM replacement).
  7. Glad to hear it all worked out for you. Did you go to the dealer and get a calibration done then? When I called my usual dealer they were like "uhhhh yeah we haven't done one but I'm sure we can figure it out - $125".
  8. Also, my insurance is saying they won't cover the OEM windshield but the next tier down...if I want the official ford one I would have to pay the difference. Does anyone have advice here as well?
  9. So a rock hit my windshield this morning and a small crack spread from it (3 inches). I scheduled Safelite and figured I'd be good. I come out after work and it has tripled in size!! I suspect the whole thing will need to be replaced since Safelite said they only repair under a dollar bill size. I also have the camera / lane departure system. Do you have any tips for replacing the windshield / getting the camera calibrated? I'm also worried about the rain sensor / any sound isolation the factory one provides (acoustic laminated I believe it's called, not sure if our fusions have that). Thanks!
  10. Did anyone ever locate an LED bulb that won't require a resistor to be installed with it? I just noticed my driver's side puddle is out...so I was thinking of making them LED.
  11. My driver's side door hinge is looking very rusted on my early '13 fusion (I live in the South too). See attached picture. My other doors are either good or have very minor rusting. I'm assuming it's because the driver door is exposed much more often to the elements. My friend showed me his 2008 Subaru hinge (he lives in the north) and its flawless...does ford not coat these parts? What can I do to take care of this? Coat it with White Lithium Grease? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  12. Transmission was rebuilt and so far it's been really smooth.
  13. I experienced just that and my car is currently in for the 3rd time related to this. Ford completely agreed about 2nd to 3rd and also found (without me telling them) shuddering when going into reverse. So this third time they are finally rebuilding the transmission. They have had my car for 2.5 weeks now and it should hopefully be done today. I will report back on how she drives. I don't know what the next step is if it still does it...?
  14. Wow, looks good. Kind of looks like a bond car! FYI: I don't know if it really is an issue or not but you may want to blur your license plate (that's just what I see other people doing...)
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