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  1. Haha, nah. They didn't ask. I posted the photos to their wall, and they simply shared it to their home page. I don't mind ;d It's created quite the debate. Apparently I must work for Ford now because all my photos on Facebook are "promotional" pictures. That and people think the car is stuck. :p
  2. Opposite side, just on the east side of Lake Huron, in Southern Ontario Canada. Still "Lake Effect" snow, they're calling for more, but it's eased off for now. The AWD in that snow seems fairly well split front/back. If you tromp on it, it'll throw more to the rear, which can kick the ass end out a bit. It doesn't have the display for power distribution though. It just feels pretty well rounded.
  3. Yeah, riding on Blizzak WS70's. So that does help a lot!
  4. Plowing snow with mine this morning, oh holy hell snow fall..... wtf LOL The car shows no signs of slowing down, the AWD works great! I parked and drove through, snow up to the doors, and burying past the fog lights. and pushing snow past the license plate. And it moved right through it like a bawse. Pics are from my cell phone, so quality isn't too great. And on the ride into town;
  5. Interesting. I figured the Fusion would atleast beat out the Accord. I knew those two would have been close, but I didn't think the Fusion would hit third place.
  6. All these cars are looking amazing, even dirty :D Still have yet to see one driving around, but I have spotted to parked around locally. One SE in Ginger Ale, and an Ice Storm Hybrid. Still in love with the car hah.
  7. Hell, my 84 and 88 Nissans have the sensors. My traded in 04 Explorer had it. Maybe I've just been spoiled with vehicles that do have the warning light. Like I said, not upset or anything, just a little shocked. Also didn't think I would have used a whole tank yet, but I do go through a ton in the winter.
  8. Lol, It doesn't bother me. Just ran out and thought to myself, "wtf no warning?" - Figured the car can park it damn self, but they didn't put the low fluid sensor in there. Just have to remember to keep topping it up periodically.
  9. Nice! Glad to hear it's finally on the way! Exciting day!
  10. Noticed the other day the Fusion doesn't have a low washer fluid warning. Thought that was a little odd.
  11. Has anyone completed this yet? Was contemplating doing this in the new year. Just curious as to how the beam pattern is with the HIDs in the halogen projectors.
  12. Just the drivers side and the rear view for me. I find the passenger side mirror is far enough away from my line of vision that it doesn't affect me like the drivers side one would.
  13. NICE!!!! Merry Christmas to you!
  14. It's on mine aswell. I have the 4, Climate, Phone, Navigation and Entertainment
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