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  1. That is true. I used to tell people shave 10-30% off of KBB value and you have a chance at selling. I used to sell things like Ford Taurus over KBB all day, also. Consumer reports is ridiculous there is something going on there.
  2. Wow I am glad we didnt' go down that road! Many new Fords are too japanese looking for me, but I understand that Ford is in the business of selling cars, not just pleasing me. I do hope they effectively take toyota and honda market share!
  3. Who the heck buys an FJ cruiser? Maybe the limited availability of the FJ on the used markt makes for high resale value? Those all surprise me, but hey whatever.
  4. You are correct, I am sure Tesla assumes they will be able to "lower their bottom line" by then, but history shows this rarely happens when things are subsidized.
  5. Perhaps I wasn't succinct in my rebuttals as apparently two of you now misunderstand. Allow me to paraphrase. My rally against hybrids - because they're ugly, expensive to replace the batteries, slow, not fun to drive, many not safe to drive and not truly green. My rally against electrical cars (less the Tesla because it meets many of my own buying criteria) - See above. Same criticism as with hybrids. The only added benefit is that I disagree with your premise that they're not the future of automobiles and will largely remain a luxury and will become insignificant in the future. Just a difference of opinion I agree with you on ALL OTHER counts. I am well aware, as said above that neither is truly green. Which is why I said if green is part of your decision-making process in purchasing a vehicle, you should probably avoid most hybrids AND electric cars. If you re-read my posts I swear it's evident that I don't say either one is necessarily cost-effective or green (just that the Tesla as a case study makes more sense based on my buying criteria) Can you do me a favor and quote where I said the Tesla is cheaper to maintain than Hybrids? I DID say the Tesla is likely cheaper to maintain than a High end Mercedes or BMW in that price point, based on early reports. Reality and initial proposed reliability can vary, for sure. And Tires? Since I was comparing it to V8-powered performance cars in it's price range, I suspect all of them have trouble in this arena! :D You may be right about it not being a success, as I agree with the mod's other point that most people buying a performance car in that price range care little about MPG. I can see it going either way though. And not making a profit may indeed be a true criticism, I admittedly know little about the price and cost structure of production. I assume it has been highly subsidized (meaning we already bought it before we buy it I.E. taxes and government inefficiency). That being said, you can make a case that nearly nothing "makes a profit" if you truly include all costs to product until several years on the market anyway, as entrants to the market have high costs.
  6. No I said buying them because they're green is stupid because of the batteries. I also stated that if I bought a hybrid or electric car it would be because of it's "green" attributes. I eluded to this three times now. You may want to fine tune your critical reading and comprehension skills before attempting to belittle someone. Additionally, I did adjust my signature as it was rather excessive and large. If it still takes up too much space then we're back to a browser/screen settings conversation as the photos are on one line on my screen. As discussed earlier, I am not a proponent of most electric/hybrid vehicles as they're still hideous, slow, not fun to drive, etc. please see the emboldened information above. I will add to my reasoning that many of these high MPG vehicles are also not very safe. All of the gas savings in the world are irrelevant if you are dead and unable to reap the benefits. EDIT: before you tell me the Prius is relatively safe, let me remind you I said "most". The Prius is still Hideous, a political statement, lacks peppy performance capabilities, and is not fun to drive. These are my buying criteria. They don't have to represent everyone else's. This may be why other vehicles are available on the market.
  7. 3FordFamily

    Fusion Coupe?

    Sounds like you need to adjust your screen settings. Perhaps you should add some photos of your Ford vehicles on this Ford forum. You're likely correct. I don't consider any of my vehicles worth the "fun" of a 2 door unless it's a performance car as I said. This is just my .02. Most people probably don't have two person households with 3 cars, let alone 3 4-doors. As I said though, after I buy the Explorer Sport to replace my current 2003, a Shelby GT500 will be my next choice.
  8. I never claimed either battery was green. Not sure where this assertion is derived. I simply explained why I would personally consider ownership of a fully electric car (namely a Tessla because I care not for either high MPG offerings) over a hybrid.
  9. Tesla makes financial sense over many cars in it's class, because it costs less, is faster, and is cheaper to maintain (and if you include gas it's even more the case cost to own is significantly less). I am not saying I am going to buy a Tesla, but I would consider it if I had 106k to play with. Given other contenders at that price point, it is a solid option. Prius do sell a lot, again - it is a political statement in most cases and a case of greenwashing. If you replaced every car in the world with a hybrid it would affect emissions in such an minuscule amount that it's almost immeasurable over the next 100 years. Am I saying that carrying about the environment is bad? Absolutely not. We should all do our part. I commend those who care for the environment more than their own "American Dream". It's noble. However, it's not really much of a solution, rather a bandaid. Electricity is dirty to create in any capacity in and of itself, which is why I wouldn't buy electric to be "green", either. Want to go green? Buy a small displacement small vehicle, ride your bike to work.
  10. We can agree to disagree. Hybrids will disappear and electric cars will take off. I am not advocating that hybrids are bad because you have to replace the batteries. I am advocating that due to the batteries they're not green. Sure, electric cars have larger batteries but in the case of the Tesla, if you read what I said, they're not ugly and they're fun to drive and comfortable to drive.
  11. 3FordFamily

    Ford do you care?

    Those kinds of decisions might be why when you buy a Government Motors (GM) or Chrysler product, you're paying about 4k MORE for it because your taxes paid for their stupid decisions and the bailouts. Ultimately, you know who pays for that? Additionally, if GM would make a car that people wanted as much as Ford does, they wouldn't have to sell cars for a loss like that. I agree with AKIRBY above, if you want a cheap POS keep buying GM. There's a reason they've needed bailouts. And before anyone says "OH GM and Chrysler" paid off their debt --- no, they traded it for ownership interest and other non-cash assets in the company. If you owe me $100 dollars and I agree to control part of your business in turn for the 100 or have some other sort of asset liability -- that's not paying off the debt.
  12. This is SPOT on. Would lower fuel economy which would have marketing implications.
  13. I imagine there will be easy solutions available, For one, If I recall the new Tesla can go nearly 300 miles on a "tank". That's pretty sufficient. Put that up against any of the cars it competes with in the segment (many with gas guzzling v8) and it's really a non-issue, IMO. If I understand correctly you can plug them in at home, so why not charge at home? (The confusion i think is that people think you can only "fill up" at Tesla stations - not true it's just "Free" at these stations.)
  14. 3FordFamily

    Fusion Coupe?

    This is true they're certainly scaling back. Many in my generational cohort seem to have an affinity for them --- and care not the implications on the family. I kind of see this as an issue with priorities but what do I know.
  15. I would wager a serious bet that this will not be the case. Toyota Prius are ugly as sin, no fun to drive, and will never capture an audience concerned with performance and appearance. Only people who wish to make political statements and illogical purchases (without running a cost analysis). And the worst part is they're not green at all. The batteries alone are terrible for the environment. This will likely all get better in time, but it's really a statement of "I am an idiot" each time I see one. Inco Mine in Sudbury Ontario is where they smelt the nickel for the Toyota Prius batteries. It is so devoid of life for long distances that NASA tests moon rovers there. Then, the battery makes a round-world trip on a carrier ship. Add in the disposal of these batteries in the next few decades, and a hybrid is a disaster for the planet. AT LEAST the Telsa is fast and attractive. I mean financial sense? It makes little. But most people in the market for a fast and attractive car care little about how much "financial sense" it makes. We are after smiles per gallon! if we can get MPG at the same time well that's cool too!