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  1. meyeste

    Update on 6.8L @ Windsor

    It does make you wonder; putting the OHV engine in the F150 lineup would have appeal to those that shirk technology and there are those. The Tundra's following was mainly due to their 5.7L which was dismally in-efficient. Ford would have to make sure the 6.8L was fuel efficient, I know two people that have picked up used Tundra's on the cheap and in each case the former owner got tired of the poor fuel milage. The Tundra's 5.7 was lucky to attain 13 hwy, 11 mpg was common. I recall my grandfathers' 1976 J10 with permanent AWD managed 11 mpg....
  2. meyeste

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    I am sure they have good resale, however those I personally know that have used Tundra's got them on the cheap. 11 mpg when every American V8 on the market can average 19-20 is not a strong selling point.
  3. I have a 2019 3.5 TT, and from what I've read changing the oil at about 3000 miles vs. waiting until 7000k as the manual says will go a long way to preventing chain stretch. I saw an engine rebuild and the showed the inside of an engine where the owner simply observed recommended oil change interval vs one where the owner had changed the oil at 3000 miles the difference was clear, and they pointed out; oil is cheap.
  4. meyeste

    Don’t buy a Ford

    Auburn Al signed in on June 1, 2019 posted, this likely BS story and has not been back since June 2. 2019. No pictures, nothing, this is a fake post. My Ford dealer is really good, I'm sure it happens but I know a lot of people with Ford trucks and have never heard of one having an issue even remotely like this.
  5. meyeste

    Auto startstop

    I have the autostop on my truck and like others have said - give it a couple weeks and you'll forget it's there. The autostop & start has been very, very thoroughly thought out. I don't know all the criteria that triggers a restart; if you release pressure on the brake just a bit it starts immediately. As i understand it Ford maintains pressure to the transmission so immediate start and moving forward is assured. I'd swear it always uses inputs from the bumper radar sensors and the light sensors to restart, as my occasionally will start up and the only change I was aware of was the light turning green and the car in front of me starting to move, though I may have flinched a bit on the brake, though I wasn't aware that I did. Time will tell of the starter, my last F150 was twenty years old and I never replaced anything but ignition coils, oil, filters and spark plugs, I kinda think they have starters figured out. I went 600+ miles on my last tank - average mpg was 20.5.
  6. meyeste

    Don’t buy a Ford

    I have a good friend that practices the opposite, he owned multiple Toyota's and while the car was under warranty nothing was ever wrong with it, the next visit after the warranty expired, quite a bit "had" to be done. I have owned multiple Fords and have never had a serious build issue with a one of them. About my only complaint is work one at a Ford dealer is usually more expensive, however the work has always been done right.
  7. meyeste

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I all honesty, though I hate the OHV engine, I'd buy one if I had room in my life for a two seater. GM is not known for being able to pull off a Hail Mary, but I think they've finally done it. It is too bad they've done it with a low volume two seater, if this car is a success it'll sell 4,000 a month? Of course I'll wait to see how it performs. I see the C8 being compared to the GT500, it don't see that comparison. In fact, the car that is most in danger would be the ZL1 variants.
  8. meyeste

    Mustang line extended

    Now that dealers have reported Ford has shown them plans for a 4 door Mustang, if this works out please throw some love my way. With the 4 door, I am sure they are planning a RWD biased AWD system an option. This is a car that will be competing with the Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Panamera the e class the interior needs to pass muster. I hear it'll have a twin turbo V8, great idea. Learn the lesson GM just can't seem to learn, this calls of cars are about presence, a BMW is not a sleeper nor is a Mercedes nor is the Panamera, the Mustang 4 door should not be either. Of course given the current Mustang, Navigator, Ford gets this and does it well, however they'll need to step it up a bit even still. The 4 door needs took good, performance is important however not at the expensive of interior room. Those of us that would want to buy these have to sell it to a practical minded woman, and we care about the people that ride in the back more than we care about anything else. The variable engine sound option - standard on all V8's. All I can say is please do not use any GM vehicle as a benchmark; Panamera, BMW 4 series or 5 series, Mercedes CLS. Also I applaud the reported plans for a turbo 8, the turbo 6 has been great, I am a fan, however luxury == v8 or perhaps even a v12.
  9. meyeste

    Mustang SUV

    Now that it appears Ford is preparing to do this; if it's successful - I hope you'll give me some credit. And it will be successful.
  10. meyeste

    2019 Raptor to get 7.0 V8

    The factory order is confirm so the engine definitely exists and given GM is getting back into the heavy truck market - 450/4500 and up (a guy that is spearheading the effort for the mid-atlantic is a client of mine). My guess is that this engine is intended for large trucks though, given the Raptor is about excess why not put this beast in there for people that simply want a bad-a$$ sounding truck? I also think given GM is about to dip into the DOHC V8 segment Ford may want to show their experience and dominance. If history shows us anything, I doubt GM's transition to DOHC V8's is going to go that well, from design to support it'll be riddled with issues. It would make sense for Ford to leverage and point out their experience with OHC and DOHC V8's extends back 25 years now. As far as fleet sales go, customers value ROI, TCO above all if GM slips on either Ford could capitalize on that dramatically. However I think Ford is really missing the boat by not producing a smaller bore twin turbo V8 for vehicles like the Navigator and Expedition.
  11. meyeste

    Turbo 4cyl Silverado

    The thing is people that buy low end trucks have a keen eye for "reliable". At that level mpg is not king, especially with trucks, explicit reliability is king. People that buy low end trucks want a bullet proof engine, the 3.7, 3.5 and now 3.3 are all from the same line and have a following. For the standard cab trucks they are no slouch. I am one that often says "GM does not have a marketing department" and it's crap like this that makes me say it. GM didn't need that V8 like 4.3L V6 they needed an engine like the Ford or FCA 3.x V6's, nothing to brag about. However the penta star and the now the 3.3L get the job done, get good mpg's doing it and are reliable engines. That GM doesn't get why people buy low end trucks just like they didn't anticipate pointing out Ford F150's are made of Aluminum would actually steer people to Ford trucks; because while no one is stupid enough to drop 40 pound paving stones from six foot into their trucks; we are all aware steel bodies rust, and aluminum don't. Honestly that company is running itself back into the ground thinking they are knocking it out of the park the entire way.
  12. meyeste

    Turbo 4cyl Silverado

    Well it's something different, given GM's history of introducing new technology I bet even die hard GM fans will "wait and see" on the the turbo 4. In my opinion GM is reckless with this; Ford tested the 3.5 EB in production cars for what at least three years before putting it in the F150. Anyone that works a job that releases a product to the general public; they are going to figure out how break it in ways you never imagined. I'd have put the engine in the impala and sent it to the rental fleets for a couple of years to figure out the bugs before putting it in the Silverado. Rather than Ford my guess is GM is competing with RAM, doesn't FCA have a turbo four that is going to make it into the Jeep and quite possibly the RAM truck? RAM is catching GM fast and GM cannot afford to ignore them. My second choice would definitely be a RAM vs. a Chevy. On the other hand I can't wait to ask Chevy Silverado drivers "does that have the four cylinder in it?....." lmao By the way the 3.3L engine is damn good and has a following; it is actually a perfect engine for a standard cab truck, my niece has one, it's no slouch. There are those that want "simple" and the 3.3L is just that.
  13. What is your definition of "wide open" to you see that 3' x 5' sign to the right of the Volvo? My guess is that would easily block both a person and any sensors. The police decided it wasn't the driver or the cars' fault. I have seen many people that simply step out into traffic thinking it's driver of the car's responsibility to stop, no matter what. First off, that's suicidal and also imply not true. I am sure that the vast majority of drivers will try to stop if someone steps in front of them however, fact is the law will not hold them at fault for an incident like this and in fact I recall reading about a woman winning a lawsuit against a dead child's parents after she struck and killed a teen that did nearly the same thing.
  14. meyeste

    New 7L engine confirmed

    Sorry wrong acronym; Charge Motion Control Valve CMCV, I have no idea where CCD came from other than my youth...
  15. meyeste

    New 7L engine confirmed

    Well I believe Ford marketing has discovered there is money in delivering excess; a 7.0L option for high end Raptors or F150's would find buyers willing to pay a premium for them. Also I recall a statement once made that came from Ford bragging of their capability to build a variety of engines profitably. The CCD capability could possibly give a 7.0L more or less the same capability as GM's "cylinder shut-off". Difference being balance across all cylinders vs. increasing load on some, the latter approach simply has to have the impact of uneven wear long term. Regardless as GM gets into DOHC V8's I'd think there is pressure on Ford to maintain their current reputation as leader in DOHC V8 development.