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  1. Power Kid

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Seen this one on twitter... fwiw.
  2. Power Kid

    F350 Axle Recall

    A F250 w 7.3L 4.30s that is rated to tow a GN/5th wheel max of 18,000 lbs wouldn't be worthy? Seems odd to me. And a bare bones f250 7.3L (4.30 which has Dana) will have a payload rating not far off a loaded f150 diesel crew.
  3. Power Kid

    1/2 ton pickup guys always..........

    Payload is an issue w half tons but even bigger limiting /related factor is rear GAWR. Unless your pulling a boat with no pin weight or NH3 trailer with r & r axles there is no way u can pull 10,000 plus without exceeding rear axle #. 3/4 tons especially loaded diesels will often have similar or slightly higher payload sticker #, they will have much higher rear axle GAWR #. So pending how weight is carried, you will have more flexibility. And given full floater vs not... far more real world strength in the hd axle.
  4. Power Kid

    22 F150 order guide

    Okay thx!
  5. Power Kid

    22 F150 order guide

    Any guess when it will be out? Can't be toooo far away?
  6. Power Kid

    Update on 6.8L @ Windsor

    Been @ 8+ months now since the news leaked about the upcoming 6.8L V8 being built at Windsor. I thought more news may leak out by now. Story was F150 maybe Mustang. (Maybe Raptor R?) If it lands in F150 assuming will be MY23? Talk was 22 but likely calendar year vs MY.
  7. Power Kid

    2022 XLT Black Appearance Pkg

    Ok thx that was my understanding too but the previous posts w updated order guide were the basis of my questions re mirror caps and fender color. I hope you are right!
  8. Power Kid

    2022 XLT Black Appearance Pkg

    Wow some new info. Thank you! Leads to some questions: - Does xlt black pkg get chrome fender badge? (Hope not) - Does xlt black pkg have black rough plastic mirror caps or (please no) chrome caps? I was resigned to the fact the xlt black pkg would not get leds. I can live.wirh that. My concern is if I have to spend $$$ to lose some chrome it may still have, kinda sucks when paying extra for the pkg. Sounds like they will be the same wheels as the lariat pkg? Maybe not.
  9. Power Kid

    How many miles on your 3.5 Ecoboost?

    2011 3.5L owned since new. 215,000 miles. Just hit 10 years recently. Did a timing chain at 89,000 m and now 2nd one at 214,000. Did water pump and one turbo with 1st TC. Water pump again a month ago. I think they did one other turbo in between. Never had the fuel in crank case issue. Time for new truck. Next either 7.3L SD or rumored 6.8L in F150.